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I tried Fiverr, no use with those people. Can anyone Plz help me .. Where can i find reliable On Page Optimization Consultants.
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    Originally Posted by JohnAb View Post

    I tried Fiverr, no use with those people. Can anyone Plz help me .. Where can i find reliable On Page Optimization Consultants.
    Your not going to find anyone except 3rd world hacks with a $5 budget. SEO is time consuming, time equals money. Nobody works free.

    Search the SEO forum for silo, that should help get you started.
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    You don't need a consultant. There are many on-page optimisation guides on the web and you can find them through a simple Google search. If you have any questions, you can ask them here and one of the many knowledgeable members on this forum will assist you.
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    its good advice - the on-page stuff can be learned pretty fast, and its much better for you in the long run to understand yourself. its goes along the same line as editing content on your site - if your web designer/developer didn't teach you how to use your content management then they didn't finish their job IMO.

    edit: if you have some specific questions ask

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    There are a lot throughout the internet you just have to know where to look. If I were you i'd start on google but of course if you have anything that you need taken care of immediately you can check us out on jigwizmedia.com and we'd be more than happy to help you out with whatever it is you're having trouble with...
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    ON Page Optimization is very simple. Can you let me know on what basis your website is.
    Is it Wordpress , Simple Html or ASP net etc.

    There are some Plugins for Wordpress which are very simple for your to do it. If you need Free Guide regarding on page optimization let me know. What Exactly needed to boost into search engines.
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    If you look in the WSO section, I believe there is a few services offering onpage optimization. Also, on elance.com there is a lot of good SEO services there. (just make sure to interview them properly)

    Instant PBN. 100s of domains daily. 100% vetted. https://azimusinsights.com/?utm_source=wf-s#/

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    Hello There,
    Let me know your website and keyword details , i am surely help you for on page optimization .
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    Please Tell me,
    What is your problem.If you are facing any problem on page optimization please explain me then i will help you.
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    Well, there are many freelancing sites where you can get the person, who works for your site to get optimized. Optimizing a site is very effective task and some what complicated as well so, for this task hire, a well experienced person who optimize your site correctly.
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      Jesus. This thread is full of the worst sales pitches of 2014. It's like, every single person responds with another reiteration of the previous post.

      "Many good onsite seo is easy with good link and many easy not from Fiverr just pm me detail payment after good seo"

      Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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    you can install some popular seo pulgins or google site master tool, and spent time familiar with them, follow them to a t and you will know how to optimize on-page.

    Join or use my translation group! All languages!

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    Try a google search, it should turn up tons of guides on on page SEO. You can go with some plugins like yoast or allinoneseo if you have a WP site.
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    On page SEO in my opinion should always be done by the web site owner... On page SEO is easy to learn.. In sum its just:

    1) Title, description tags, heading tags, H1, H2, ... etc
    2) URL path
    3) Keyword density (keep it low, mix it up with long tail!!!)

    The other thing you need to do is keyword research.. so that you can determine what your target keywords are...

    Given that most websites evolve with new content - then you should do this on your own as you will need to keep on top of it... Its not hard at all... Like what a lot of people are saying there are tons of resources out there... Most important thing is to keep your website looking natural.. For example you want to rank for red widgets then don't over do it with repeating the keyword over and over again.... Its an obvious attempt which gets picked up by Google...
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