Benefit to having a site video?

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Can you get a do follow link from youtube? Any benefit to having a short video about your company - even if it doesn't go viral, etc...?

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    Don't just rely only on a link from youtube. What you can do is create a youtube channel for your brand and link it from your website. The about tab in channel is where you can put your link. Youtube can help you build your brand presence in top video sharing website and can help convert interested viewers into potential clients.

    Hope this helps
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    That sounds cool. The only thing is A) I'm not a filmmaker and and B) I don't have a big budget for videos but I'm sure there are still some creative things to do with it. We are also a niche site but it could be there are some ways to make a low budget video for something.
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    Hello dear,
    yes this is very useful for increase traffic on your don't get do follow lick from youtube.
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    Nofollow or Dofollow, backlink is still a backlink.
    Even if youtube only gives nofollow to your backlinks you can still benefit from it is some ways.
    Perfect example would be increasing your online presence and increasing your organic search.

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    A video embedded on your website can reduce bounce rate if visitors stop and spend the time to watch it.
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    Depending on your niche, a video could make you stand out from your competition. It's useful to share on social media platforms just to spread the word on your company as well.

    Videos don't have to be complicated. Depending on your budget, you could do a interview style video, powerpoint presentation video or even a simple animation video using tools like VideoMakerFX.

    Hope that helps.
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    Youtube is web 2.0 so it contains UGC and Google has clarified that mostly they ignore the web 2.0 links. From another point of view, google+ is also web 2.0 but it has significant impact on search when user logged in. So Youtube video is helpful in personalized search. Second more important thing is, embed video on web page helps to Optimize that page for Panda. So go for introduction video of your company and put it on Youtube and website whether it goes viral or not.
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    YouTube doesnt give you a do-follow link. Having a YouTube Channel will help your brand and also get you some traffic if you do some SEO and keyword research.
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    Having a video in your website is a good thing but it must be in your website itself. if you are uploading the video in the youtube then its impossible to use it in your website then your video in the website wont be wworking.
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    Create a chain link system. Link youtube to your blog, your blog to slideshare, your slideshare to facebook. That works well
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