Is there SEO benefit form additional backlinks in same IP class?

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Is there any major benefit to getting inbound links from more than one of the following sites? The ip addresses are all in the same class:

Family Law Information and Legal Help | Divorce Attorney Directory / Majestic Trust 19 / PR 2
Find a Personal Injury Attorney | Personal Injury Information and Resources / Majestic Trust 25 / PR 2
Criminal Defense Lawyers | Local Criminal Defense Attorney Directory / Majestic Trust 24 / PR 4 / Majestic Trust 5 / PR 1
Find a DUI / DWI Attorney - Nationwide Drunk Driving Lawyers / Majestic Trust 21 / PR 2
Find a Local Car Accident Lawyer | Car Accident Attorney Directory / Majestic Trust 18 / PR 1
Bankruptcy Attorney Directory | Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer / Majestic Trust 17 / PR 3
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    There is no use of creation in additional back links in same IP. So,you should post your back links in different IP's.
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    SEO has gone far enough now a days and IP address is one of the major term to be considered. One of the major aspect for the natural way of doing SEO is using different IPs so that google will think the link building and promotion being done up in a natural process all through the way.
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    Try to have backlink in the most diversed, multiple location around the world is the best idea. There is nothing to boost ranking from the same server/ip class.

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    Most of the links you can get from those sites will be discounted as Google would consider it an attempt to manipulate their results.
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    Google looks for natural links whether or not they come from the same IP or not, all the same, it's link relationships that count, NOT IPs.
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