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Google is the best free traffic source but Google want to stay for ever the leader,change everytime their algorytm.
To Continue get free traffic from Google,you need to follow their guidelines
Algorithms ? Inside Search ? Google

Read the algorythm change history here
Google Algorithm Change History - Moz
Google SEO News: Google Algorithm Updates | Search Engine Land
Be Careful with the BIG DOG
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    Nowadays, facebook,pinterest and youtube videos are the best sources for free traffic...but there is no doubt that traffic from google converts best among all sources. Definitely, check your references...thanks ericando12 for share.
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    I feel any traffic source can be a good traffic source once you take the time to learn and test it. All traffic source has bit of a learning curve.
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    Facebook, particularly Facebook groups, is the best free traffic source since you don't have to build fan base.
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    High quality blogs are best free traffic through guest posting. This is not easy to get a guest posting to be published on the blog because the owner selectively choose guest posts.
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    Yeah.......Google is the source to get traffic to your website. But, you need to keep updating yourself with the Google parameters like Google Algorithm, SEO,etc.

    Salma Ali

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    Try guest posting. You contact bloggers and ask them if they will post an article that you wrote with a few links pointing back to your site.

    If the blog has a lot of traffic many visitors will click your link and visit your site. Plus you get the SEO value of the links.
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    My vote goes to Youtube. I'm new to social media (have been in a bunker for years) and Facebook still confuses the crap out of me. I took to Youtube like a fish in water.
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      Facebook and youtube for me.
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    Google is the best.
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    YouTube gets my vote. They are the 2nd largest search engine behind Google
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    There are no "free" traffic sources, you either pay with your time or with your money. Since money can always be earned, and time can't be returned, the choice is simple...

    Get Life You Deserve
    Alan Borcic

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    Today the social media sites is also good for the free traffic. Facebook, pinterest, youtube are the best place for you.


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    Blogging is definitely the best targeted source of traffic. You can speak directly to your hungry buyers.
    The trick is ranking your content to the top.

    My second and third favorite sources of free traffic are YouTube and Facebook. I use my personal profile and connect with others in my niche.

    Personal profiles get more exposure without having to pay to boost posts like a Fan Page.
    You can manipulate Facebook's edge rank to get more eyeballs on your status updates.

    YouTube is a no-brainer. Second largest search engine behind Google (who owns YouTube).
    There are so many marketers out there who have built their entire brand and business using YouTube.

    Video marketing is so powerful because you can showcase your personality on camera while the rest of the world is hiding behind a computer screen.
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    & Create A Hyper-Engaged Email List For Your Affiliate Marketing Business!
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      Google is the best source for free traffic that is if your content is good, but if your doing PPC I prefer bing ads, It converts better and has a better return on Investment
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        Yes, of-course it is THE BEST. but there are many alternatives like facebook, pinterest, twitter...
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        organic traffic from google and other search engines is the best free traffic source. craigslist, and youtube work too.

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    I spent (read "wasted") a year learning how to rank pages on the first page of Google because I wanted "free" traffic (big mistake: it was nothing but free!). One day I got tired of trying to keep up with G's mood changes and focus on other traffic sources
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    organic traffic is he best one.
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      Originally Posted by ilcebi View Post

      organic traffic is he best one.
      That depends on what you offer, sometimes, inorganic traffic is the winner.
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    I'm having great success with Linkedin. It's all about networking and forming strong relationships.
    Contact me for the most Powerful Business Programs that will give you Daily Profit and the predicted huge price appreciation from Bitcoin
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    Always a good idea to stay current with Google algorithms. However I find Facebook highly effective especially Facebook groups
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    Yeah google is a great way to get free traffic, but it can take a lot of time an effort and then there is the factor of google changing their algorithms.

    Another great free traffic source is social media, with the added benefit of your content going viral if you are sharing something that people find value in and would want to tell other people about it
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    dont focus on google these days .. there are alot of source like social media or video marketing
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    facebook, pinterest, youtube,..... best free traffic for web (y)
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    Originally Posted by ericando12 View Post

    Google is the best free traffic source
    No, Google isn't the best free traffic source. The best free traffic source is the free traffic source what works for you. For me, it's FB.
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