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Hey guys,

I'm new here and I've got my first question for you guys.

So - at the moment I'm looking for good blogs - I want to pay people for make a post about some fashion stuff I am working on.

So my current strategy:

- Finding blogs with a DA (Moz) of about 20.
- Finding blogs with at least 1.000 Facebook fans, Twitter follower, Instagram follower etc. in sum.
- Finding blogs with at least one post every 2-3 weeks.
- Finding blogs in UK and Germany

What I've done to find blogs:
- Google Search (regular search + searches like "intitle: outfit of the day"
- Google Alerts
- Checking backlinks of fashion shops (but that;s alot of work)
- G-Lock Blog Finder Tool (most of you might use this to get blog comments, I'm trying to find blogs - but most of them don't match my search
- Searching on Twitter etc.

I've found a bunch of blogs but now I think it's getting harder and harder and I always get back on the same blogs again.

Now I would like to know if someone of you can suggest me some tools, methods or anything else to find those "hidden" blogs out there in the internet.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say!

All the best & greetings from the UK

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    I haven't used it to full capacity yet, but LinkAssistant from the same guys that do SEO spyglass searches out blogs by keyword and filters by a number of metrics and also tries to scan for email addresses/names/etc to establish contact.

    I think the tool will also send out automated messages, but I've not gone that far with it.
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    even me also facing the same problem am not able to find the blog lists
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    I think Google search helps to you more than other person because i'm not clear about your question what you ask because both web2.0 and micro blogging exist.
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      You could start reverse analyzing your competitors to see if you can find blogs in their link profiles - To do this you would use a service such as majesticseo and view the competitors backlinks -

      you could also try to search by the means of using footprints.

      let's say for example you knew that many blogs use wordpress. Now you can look for something common in wordpress sites and do a search for it and include your keyword.

      The same technique is used when you want to search for blogs you want to leave comments on.

      An example footprint for when wanting to look for wordpress blogs to leave a comment would be.

      "powered by wordpress" "leave a comment"

      This would then return results that would allow you to leave a comment on a wordpress blog but the niches would be random.

      To make the results more relevant then you can add your keyword

      For example:

      "powered by wordpress" "leave a comment" "dogs"

      You will then have a list of relevant blogs that allow you to leave a comment.

      You would then check the authority of these blogs to filter out low quality ones and use the ones that hold good authority.

      You could do something very similar but you dont need to look for blogs that allow you to leave a comment.

      search for blogs in your niche using a footprint. filter out the low quality ones and then contact the others.

      Hope this helps
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    You have shared nice strategy. I knew first and the second one. last two are new to me will definitely try.
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    I do not have much idea regarding finding blogs. Mostly I do post in my own blog, else I just search on Google with relevant keywords to find a blog.

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    Here are 15 best blogging sites which can help you, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Svbtle, Quora, Postach.io, Google+, Facebook Notes, SETT, Ghost, Squarespace, Typepad, Posthaven, LinkedIn, Influencers, The fallen heroes.

    ppc management

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    you can use google dorks. INTEXT: , or INURL: or INTITLE:

    And steal you competitors backlinks

    i am new

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    Yeah !! you can do competitor analysis. Will help you to get new blogs or otherwise you can do less blog comenting and shift to some other activity.
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