Is My Website in the Google Sandbox?

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I am posting to find out if my website (domain listed below), is in the Google Sandbox.

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How does one ascertain if their website is in the Sandbox? And how fast can you climb out?
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    If it is a new domain in a competitive niche, yes you are probably in the sandbox. From what I've read, the sandbox only affects competitive keywords so if you rank pretty well for some keywords, but not for the big one(s), that is the sandbox. At 6 months to the day, (after launching the site) my impressions on google search jumped 10X without changing much else.
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      yep i have heard that 6 months is the normal wait time to get out of the google sandbox for the competitive searches for over 5k monthly searches
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    Its not in the sandbox. Its a new site in a competitive niche with no backlinks of any note and useless poorly written content. It will never rank.
    You purchased a dud.
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    Its not sandboxed . But your questions really do not have an answer.
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    Well! I got a brand new website too! I heard that your Sandbox totally from mont 0 to month 3, after you're still sandbox but Google rank you better and better until month 6, where there you're totally out of the sandbox!
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      I used to have the same problem too with my site last year, but after 6 months it seems ok and I could conclude that my site is out of sandbox
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