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I see other software that imitates keyword planner but has more features, is it still all the same? For instance keyword planner doesn't specify if keywords will rank well or am I missing something, does it matter?
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    Since you talk about "keywords ranking well" I'll asume that you are planning to use it to get keywords to optimize in search engines

    It depends of what are you basing your business on:

    If you are expecting to get 100% of the traffic from SEO, it will be a good start.
    If you are expecting ANYTHING different, it is definitely going to be almost useless.

    Google can tell you the number of searches for a keyword, and an estimation of the competition, but as far as I know, there is not a direct way to see if you will be able to rank a keyword well or not.
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      The main purpose of the Keyword Planner is to help paying advertisers ( as in Adwords customers ). It's not an SEO tool.
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        Originally Posted by AdwordsMogul View Post

        The main purpose of the Keyword Planner is to help paying advertisers ( as in Adwords customers ). It's not an SEO tool.
        It can be used as an SEO tool. The only disadvantage it has is the lack of an SEO keyword competition feature which means you'll have to manually assess the competition. But that's something most savvy internet marketers do even if they already have an SEO-oriented keyword tool, so no big deal.
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    Would be great to have an SEO tool that does everything, but unless you agree with the metrics the took creator considers important they are pretty much worthless.

    For me it's AdWords planner and my experience, there's no better combination I've tried. Not much point using a tool that gives the wrong information.

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    Yes it is the best one easy and advance tool for keyword research .Mostly i prefer this for research any niche and keywords idea.

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    Yes, Google Keyword planner is enough to help you in working your way out with Keyword research needs.
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    I wouldn't use any other keyword software except Google's, they are just a sheer waste of resources in general, human and technical.

    Keyword Planner plus common sense/skills is what you need.
    Even if you buy those flashy tools you still need your head to scale through.

    Unfortunately, people fail to understand that the success of their business begins with good keyword research. If you fail to do a proper keyword research then you are planning to fail.
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