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If you have launched a New Website beware before you start Off-Page SEO Activities especially Link Building because if the site is not too old and you start building too many links than there is every possibilty that Google will put your website in Google Sandbox
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    Oh dear, that's terrible advice, go do some research of what SEO's called the Google Sandbox Effect many years ago.

    Then note how very few credible SEO sources talk about sites being sandboxed today.

    The sandbox effect appeared to be an artifact of a Google algo update, the speed at which new backlinks passed full SEO benefit was changed. Picture a newish site that was just getting enough backlink power to rank and Google changed how much SEO benefit links passed quickly, their SERPs dropped overnight.

    Webmasters jumped to the conclusion their sites had been downgraded, but since they were ranking the concept Google Sandbox Effect was born: a newish site starts to rank for SERPs as a test period, Google pulls the rankings for whatever reason a webmaster could make up.

    Today there isn't a sandbox effect, you don't see new sites ranking high for SERPs quickly only to see the traffic drop overnight. Unless, the webmaster considers 20 visitors a day ranking high and a 50% drop in traffic to 10 visitors a day significant (seen webmasters call that the sandbox loads of times).

    Loosing half the traffic on a low traffic site isn't a penalty, isn't a sandboxed site, that's how low traffic sites work, loose one low traffic SERP and traffic can half.

    I recently started a news site, the unique news stories quickly ranked page one for long tail SERPs, but when big news sites covered the same stories the SERPS dropped. This could be described as the sandbox, but the reality is it's news sites like CNN, Fox, BBC... carry authority, my new news site does not, this is expected: it's not a penalty, it's normal Google.

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