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Hey guys...

This company I'm working with has like 30 brands, and therefore 30+ products...

We are doing a ton of stuff, onpage, offpage, social etc...

so far keeping very detailed google docs to keep track of everything. The CEO wants to be on top of everything and everyone. He is extremely controlling and invasive...

So its starting to get really crazy, having so many documents to keep track of, and update on a daily basis.

I am wondering if there is some type of SEO dashboard I can use for this type of stuff?

Yes - I know all about the various SEO dashboard tools out there.. But that is more for the SEO person.

This is more like a PM tool blended with google docs style. A few things I am looking for:

- Checklists for On page so we can just check off each one when its done for a site, with the ability to add comments
-Checklists for Offpage, same as the above
- List and record all our seo efforts... links we want to get, links we already got, directories we submitted to, still have to submit to
- Tabs/pages for each and every area... including new content requests
-The ability to switch through sites through a dropdown of some kind.. The idea being, we can pull up relevant data for one site or another with a simple click...

This is all for the CEO to see what is going on at any notice, and for us on the SEO team to be able to fill in the various areas as we are working daily

thanks guys!
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    Red Booth or BaseCamp. They are not SEO specific, put are decent project management tools.
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    we are using Asana for task management.. There must be something like this for SEO!

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