What is canonical issues in Search engine optimization?

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Well recently I asked SEO guys to analyses my website to get better ranking and when they send a report I found that some error says canonical issues. So I want to know that What is canonical issues in Search engine optimization and how to resolve it?
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    Canonicalisation is the process of picking the best suited URL for your website. Basically one website contains many urls like;

    samplewebsite.com - with (www)

    All of the above mentioned direct of only one page. This might raise a canonical issue because in brings confusion to search engine spiders on what url to crawl. In order to fix this issue, there two different ways. You can put canonical tags (link rel="canonical") or use 301 redirects. This will permanently redirect one URL to another.
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    Actually I used to have such issues. But well resolved now. Recently saw a video on YouTube that has to do with this. Might be of help to you
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    When a page of your website is being opened with multiple urls so it would be considered a canonical issue and Google rates it like a Duplication............
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    what dannysimon has said here is correct.
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  • This issue create when 301 redirect are not properly in place,that means your website can be access with several URLs in search engine.
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    The canonical issue comes under on page optimization. This issue arises when our website gets opened with different domains like with www, without www and others.Due to which search engine treat them all different domains. 301 permanent redirection can be used to resolve this issue.
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    This problem occurs only when the same content available on multiple pages but different URLs.
    To resolve this issue use
    <link href="http://www.example.com/canonical-version-of-page/" rel="canonical" />
    This tag tells to Google bot that the given page should be treated as through it were a copy of the URL.
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    Cannonical issue is nothing but your domain like (non -www to www or www to no-www) it means if your domain open in both then it is called cannonical issue, Google finds that your content is duplicate.. so your keywords wont rank ...
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  • Canonical issue comes into existence when your website opens in different versions like http://www.abc.com and http://abc.com. Google will consider these two versions as two different domains. So, you should decide which one is your preferred domain and implement 301 redirection from all other domain to your preferred domain.
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