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If you have 100 articles at EZA (or another site), does that count as 100 backlinks to your site? Or is it just one per domain?

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    Here's what i gather from Angela over at her backlink builder wso -- Yahoo Site Explorer will count each as one backlink but apparently Google will not as they "see" only one domain. However if you use different anchor tags, then Google will count each as a different link. Hope this helps ya.

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    It counts as 100 but its all from the same ip and site so the power of them is not worth 100 backlinks and is instead more like you have just submitted one article.

    So in other words it has little effect getting a large number of backlinks from the same place (unless of course those backlinks have some pr juice coming in).

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    Thanks! That's what I thought, but I wanted someone to confirm.


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    It counts as 100 links provided that all 100 articles are indexed, every indexed page has a basic score or weight, and every link on that page gets equal link juice out of that basic score. If you add your site to google's webmaster tools, you'll be able to see each link is counted separately even if it is from same website, its just that google only shows the important ones when we use "link:" command in google and even in that case if you have links from multiple high PR or good ranking pages of a same website google will show them too. Check out the links for warrior forum you'll see that there are multiple links from similar websites. Still links from article directories don't help that much in terms of PR because usually these are new pages they don't have a PR and there are several other links sharing the score, on the other hand if the page is well optimized for your keyword they do help your website rank better and are considered really good links.
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    The reason you are getting varying answers... and the correct answer... is that no one knows for sure. Well, let me qualify that... when you ask, I am assuming you want to know for SEO purposes (which is really the only reason I can think of why you would ask). If the question "for link juice, does Google count it as 1 or 100", the answer is no one knows for sure.

    Google does not make this kind of information public, so all the information that is out there, is basically either people guessing, or if you have a good source, it's people that have done experiments trying to figure it out.

    For example, in this case, someone might have picked an obscure word that does not mean anything, and tried to rank for it. They submit 1 article, see where they rank, submit 100 more to EZA, and see if it makes a difference.

    What i have been told (again, we can't be sure if this is right) is that it's better than 1, but not as good as 100. Another example of this is when something flies around twitter. Google know if everyone is talking about it on Twitter, it's better than just 1 link.... but one person with 10k followers could put it on 10k sites... and it's not worth that.

    I know the answer was a bit vague... but that is how it is in SEO world. Hope this help.
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    As others have mentioned they are counted as 100 backlinks however the strength of each link is decreased due to the large amount of links you have.

    It is the same with signature links in forums, thus being why Google tends to hate forum links because they come in their hundreds and thousands therefore the strength is usually minimal if anything at all. It is best to change your links every couple of weeks or months.
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    It obviously counts as 100, but they will not be given the same consideration as if they came from 100 DIFFERENT websites - since they only came from one...

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    Google will count only 1 link from a domain, So, I belive that multiple links from a domain does not work a lot..... as the links from unique domains....
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    if the article are different from each , i think that counts as 100
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    i think Google counts it as 100 backlinks.
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