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Am not sure if this is the right place to Put a request for help. I am a newbie... and have been since the past 5 years. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the things people do online and surely dont have the health to keep in pace with technology, surely not the online technology. Recently (i know its not very "RECENTLY" for many of you) i came across the concept of Guest posts and was interested in trying it. I tried Postrunner which seemed good to me but then i think its not working anymore. I am looking to find Bloggers who would be interested in Posting my article online but i find it pretty hard to find any. Emailing each blogger seems to be hazardous (complains of spam) and i dont want to put my reputation under fire.

I was simply interested in Guest posting but if that requires me to do some Steep learning i think i will have to do it. Unfortuntately i dont know where to start. Can any of you Guys (GURUS) help me with how i can approach people to accept my guest posts?

My industry is health but then there seems to be a load of Health webistes (far more than i can number). Any help on how to go about finding people who accept Guest posts or any software like postrunner which still works is what i am looking for.

Your help is appreciated. And yes you can scowl at me for being a dumb guy !

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    It is not spam if you are emailing bloggers individually not sending them a ton of emails. There are places like ezinearticles dot com but I think that they switched to nofollow links.

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    You can try Myblogguest for blogger connection, there are many people who are looking for content.
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    I receive daily requests from "writers" who would like to submit a guest post on one of my blogs. If the "writer" is unable to put together a couple of paragraphs that I can read and understand I don't even bother replying to the email.
    While my comment may seem harsh it will save you a lot of time and struggle - from your post it is clear you are not a high quality writer.
    Guest blogging only works when you can get your high quality content on a high quality/high traffic website - this is NOT going to happen for you as a writer. Move on.. find a new skill and leave guest blogging behind.
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  • If you're looking for guest posting sites in the health niche, then simple Google the following terms:

    "Niche" + "Write For Us"

    You'll get a list of sites in your niche who have a 'Write For Us' section on their blog.. in other words, they're actively looking for content and guest posters. If your content is good, you'll get alot of takers.

    Good Luck

    Sig in the making ...

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    Buy them off digital point.

    Also use terminology like 'guest contributor/author' rather than 'guest blogger' or 'guest post.
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