How to recover from recent Google Penguin update?

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Hi , after a long research I found out that my website ( grabfrom dot com ) was penalized by the recent google penguin update ( wasn't manual , received no msg from google in webmaster tools ) .

I was on the second page for a certain keyword and now I am completely disappeared from search engines for that and a few similar keywords .

I am very new at this so after a long research I found out that I have had a lot bad quality backlinks so I tried to contact the webmasters and remove those links but about 90% didn't even reply so I had to use the disavow tool in order to fix those links .

However this has been a while since I've done that ( about a month and a half ) and I still haven't seen a single change in my appearance which worries me .

I was wondering if there is any other way for me to look into and fix or should I simply wait more and maybe a miracle happens ? :S My budget is also very limited so I couldn't and still cant pay anyone to find out and fix this but me .

Any tips/suggestions or help would be much appreciated
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    Send a new round of emails to those webmasters, offering small amounts of money for link removals. The typical fee is $2...$20 / link; I've never paid more than that. If you don't get enough links removed, the disavow file won't be of too much help.
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    Remove links, that's the only way I recovered my rankings as well. I had a site hit by Penguin that took a dive originally last years update. I wasted no time and started cleaning up years of spam since I knew that the disavow tool was a gigantic waste of time.

    It was an uphill battle and wasn't cheap because of how many spam links I had. I didn't spend any of my time dealing with the link removals because I've got better stuff to do so I used a service called I won't go into it much but basically they do the link removals for you and help you review your links and such.

    The only way to recover rankings is to go down the link cleanup path. Otherwise you are just wasting your own time. Word is that Google is now updating Penguin faster than before and people have already bounced back from the Penguin update in October. So evidently you don't need to wait a full year like I did.

    Just be sure you have a budget set aside for this project. No more spamming either hahah.
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    You can recover with a new UNIQUE content and good new backlinks!

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    The recovery process for Penguin is explained and simplified inside the Panda Breakthrough program but here are the basics. The webmaster must extract the link list associated with his website through the webmaster tools "latest links" and remove the links that fall into an unnatural pattern. Removing the links, followed by a reconsideration request and a new link building campaign will lead to a traffic recovery.
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    Don't expect ranking improvement soon after disavowing or removing links. You have to wait until the next penguin refresh comes around to know if you've done enough to recover from the penalty. Keep trying to remove the bad links to your site. It will help your site recover faster than disavowing them.
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    Like SEO Power mentioned, it will take some time to see it bounce back. Also, be sure that you are removing the links and not just disavowing them. Google wants to see that you tried to remove them.
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    Recent Penguin update hits those website who have bad backlinks. Try to explore your backlinks and remove non related backlinks to your site
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    Maybe you should add new content to your site. Google always like new stuff and will probably reward you for it.

    If it doesn't work, maybe you should look into paid ads as well to keep those visitors coming in.
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