How much research do you do?

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On the keywords and on the topic itself.
  • I always research with my researcher tool MARKET SAMURAI.
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    Originally Posted by seocrawl View Post

    On the keywords and on the topic itself.
    I do lots.

    This is kind of a silly, open-ended useless question.
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    Obviously very difficult to give a precise answer, but yes it's important.
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  • In today's scenario you have to focus on this a lot. As its not only the keywords but targeted pages are important. Sometime you also have to switch your targeting pages. As keyword analysis and planning is not such an easy process. So devote complete time in it. See the past results and assume on some trends that came out from it.

    Lance Bachmann

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    for every new page it takes me about 15 minutes to complete my keyword research.
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    You should definitely do a lot of research on the keywords or else it could end up being a huge waste of time. Make sure the keywords that you are trying to rank for are relatively easy. I would make sure it has a long tail. I always make sure the keywords I try to rank for has less than 100 backlinks per website that is in the top ten of google.
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    Keyword research is one of the major pillars of any IM business model. Much time should be devoted to it. I have a worksheet I created to help me in doing this. Makes it easier
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