Still using Scrapebox and GSA?

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one thing what i want to know do you use Scrapebox and GSA for Backlinks? and Website SEO ? Most Safe Marketers say that Scrapebox and GSA get penalized from google
so do you use it ? and when yes how do you use it ????
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    GSA SER I use, and it can rank sites safely at this moment in time when used correctly. The method for doing that is a whole other detailed topic.
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    i don't think so i saw many youtube videos ranked on google by using Spam Backlinks
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    Both are effective SEO tools but GSA is the top choice of most SEOs that build automated backlinks. GSA can get your site ranked and penalised, but if you use it well, it will rank long enough for you to make a good sum of money before any penalties surface.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm using srapebox and keep getting the following problem to make matters worse I cant register for their forum - can anyone help with the following?

    When i click start posting in fast poster i receive a message "Some or all required data is missing" I have double checked all the data txt files and they all appear present and correct. Its driving me crazy can anyone help please.

    Kind Regards


    Mark McCabe
    Website Development Wirral

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    GSA yes, for tier 2. Haven't noticed negative effects, not even during updates. Scrapebox also, but not for backlinks.
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    Everything depends on how you are using the tools. If anyone use GSA and Scrapebox without knowledge of SEO, then there is a chance of getting penalized due to spamming. But GSA itself has great features, so if it is used in proper way, it can bring a site on top of search engines within the shortest possible time for any keywords. On the other hand, I always say, Scrapebox is the Swiss Army Knife of SEO, it has a lot of features which help a SEO professionals to work various SEO related works easily.
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      Exactly.. It depends on how it is used. I have been doing White Hat SEO for over 7 years, but it is incredibly time consuming and barely makes a difference if you are ranking for competitive keywords. Not to say that it is not the best option, but if you are a one-man show and you put in 10 hours a day of pure white hat, it can take a long time to see any results.

      I use GSA and Scrapebox now to compliment my white hat work. For example scraping articles is fine, but you have to revise them and manually make them unique. The hand spin them and send through GSA to build links to your web 2.0s.

      GSA is amazing, but you have to put in the time to learn it. You can even build backlinks to your money site if you are incredibly careful and post unique content, limit your verified backlinks per day and remove any spammy links. There is more to it then just that, but that is a basic summary.

      Building backlinks to your tier 2 is ideal.

      For those of you that think this doesn't work it may be because you don't know how to use it. For example if I manually write an article, then post it to a web 2.0 site, then manually bookmark it, post the link to my socials, etc. it can take a while. Instead I can do all the manual writing and posting to my web 2.0, then let GSA do the bookmarking, etc. Saves tons of time and is safe if done right.

      Mary Bennett
      Webmaster and Promotions of SinCats

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