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Is it better to leave the meta description for posts blank so that Google can create it itself based on what is searched for?
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    Google will over-ride your meta description if it thinks it can provide a better one - that happens whether or not you provide a description.

    But if you don't provide a description you're leaving things 100% to chance and a computer algorithm.

    Why not take a bit of time to craft a good description anyway?
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      Short answer - NO.

      Will you be happy if Google decides the labels from your menu bar should be the description? Or the disclaimer text in your footer?

      Take a minute to type in a sentence or two describing the page the way you want it described.
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        Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

        Take a minute to type in a sentence or two describing the page the way you want it described.
        Google sometimes does not care what you want. Too many people have no clue
        as to what they should write. In fact, why not let google decide?

        Actually, they already do the deciding.

        We can only suggest. But depending on the search terms of the searcher,
        they could put anything.

        If google puts nonsense, like contact or disclaimer, then your site has
        major problems. Meta description will not solve that.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Not having a meta description tag allows you to have multiple SERP descriptions based on each individual keyword variation traffic is searching.

    It's not complicated...

    When no meta description exist in the HTML, Google is looking for the keyword on-page. So..., create all the unique SERP descriptions with plain text directly on the web page, that includes image-alt text which can also show up in the SERP description.

    Traffic is scanning search results looking for their keyword.
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    I used to write all my own meta descriptions, but I have recently changed to letting Google get on with it.
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