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This is going to sound like a really silly question but how badly will a website be hurt for..."Internal Duplicate Copy" on the site.

So, the copy is duplicated internally rather then from another website?


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    To as much degree as external duplicate content. Avoid publishing duplicate content on your site whether it's duplicated internally or externally.
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    Don't use any duplicate in your site whether it's internally or externally.its harmful for your website.
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    A big NO to internal duplication (esp when done to great proportion of total content). On-site duplication hurt lot more than any external duplication.
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    Why you think such type..duplicate alway harmful for any website. so don't use duplicate at any cost if posible.
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    Hi, My Suggestion is to avoid duplicate content because using duplicate content your site will not rank in the google it affects for both the sites.......
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    My suggestion is please don't try to use duplicate content in your website if you are using then maybe your website is not coming in ranking if you are hit by Google updates.


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  • Matt,

    Google said you don't need to worry about internal content duplication in instances like say your pages having printer-friendly versions under the same domain, or when your content appears in the homepage and in category pages (like what usually happens with WordPress sites), and I also think you don't need to worry about your pages having versions translated in other languages under the same domain. However:

    When translating your pages, I suggest hosting those translated pages under country-specific domains that correspond to the languages of your translated pages, instead of hosting it under the same domain, in order to get better local SEO mileage from your translated pages; and

    Aside from the instances above -- I don't know of any other instance where you would want to host exact same copies of your content under the same domain...

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