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by krbshg
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I don't know what is going on, Can you guys suggest me why I am getting very Less traffic to my website AK Digital Space - Create Some Space For Your Digital World..... I am very new to this blogging.
Please suggest me the weak points of my blog. Thank you
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  • Doesnt look like you have that much content, just keep writing and things will pick up slowly,

    Start finding and interacting with relevant communities. There are lots of websites where people need tech support for questions like these
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      thank You for the Reply. What do you think about the Templet of the site? is it fine or too plain for a tech site?
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        The templet looks okay but you need to work on content inundation on regular basis. Posting quality and informative posts will help you in increasing the web traffic. You can also start with promoting the content on social networking sites for better exposure.
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    Could you please more elaborate,As one simple thing which you need to follow is to go for unique and fresh content and submit it in some of the Good Article sites just like Ezine. It will be effective
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    I already submitted it to Search Engine. Here I understand that I'm Lacking content of the page.
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    Use Reddit for boost your visit's traffic.but first of all you should know about its rules .so just learn it.I get daily minimum 100 visitors via Reddit.
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    Content is the king! Also Social Media sites can help you a lot. Having your own Tech Facebook Page or Twitter profile could help you drive hundreds of visitors daily (if of course you don't SPAM!)

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    Originally Posted by krbshg View Post

    I don't know what is going on, Can you guys suggest me why I am getting very Less traffic to my website AK Digital Space - Create Some Space For Your Digital World..... I am very new to this blogging.
    Please suggest me the weak points of my blog. Thank you
    Well, did you checked your ranking over the Google ?? How well did you rank over their ?? If you are not over the SEPRs then that isn't very much magical thing because your backlinks are comming from the source where you have pushed the backlink in a manner like hell with the good thing I only want to build backlink ! So, that's the reason you aren't getting much of the traffic from serps ! I guess better option would be start correcting those mistakes !
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    In my personal Review: You site shows following result.
    1. Your site's Alexa rank is 0
    2. Your site's Google Page Ranks is 0
    3. Most of the contents posted to your sites are duplicate, You had copied contents and post to your site.

    What to do?
    - Write quality and unique content.
    - Engage on Social networking and bookmarking, forums, blogs sites.
    - DoFollow blog commenting
    - Search engine submission
    - Regular posting.

    Best of Luck !

    Online Free Classifieds Ads Posting - http://sastonepal.com

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    Now a days its a big challenge for every new blogger. Traffic generation process requires hard work as well as smart work.
    Forget about SEO - Do only On page (wordpress seo plugin is best )
    Make you content length more than 1000+ words
    Focus on Keywords and check keyword density in content
    Use long tail keywords (don't use many high competitive keywords)
    Interact with other bloggers and do comments on there blogs
    Spend time on content promotion more than writing
    Use Social Media

    Hope these tips will help you
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    Your website has maximum content copied. And if you are tossing a coin for it and want to win then you already lost the battle. Make the fresh move by start writing extremely new content that cannot be found/rarely found. Content that users will love to read and is in search for.

    Also there is no engagement on your blog, so do blog commenting, guest posting on your niche websites. Also get an RSS done. Social media is also a good source to drive traffic.
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    Fresh and unique content is the first one!
    Social Media Marketing.
    Guest Posting.

    Other methods (forum commenting, blog commenting, article writing) may or may not work, depends on the niche of your site.
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    With 2 links (both nofollow), you can't expect Google to even index your site ,
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    Constant fresh content should work much better.
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    Try to build traffic.

    Publish quality long posts.
    Do not copy paste.
    Build quality backlinks.
    Guest blogging. You can get more exposure and more subscribers.
    Share on social media.

    If you like to spend $1 per day. begin a Facebook campaign.
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    Since you are still new to blogging, here's what you're going to do everyday:

    - Post fresh quality content everyday
    - Create a fan page for your website and share your blog's new content everyday. Build more fans by engaging to other relevant fan pages by simply commenting and making friends with the fans or group members
    - Create a Youtube video for your blog
    - Promote your blog to social bookmarking websites
    - Promote your blog to niche forums by participating in discussions with your blog's signature attached to it.

    Try this one for yourself, and let's see if you have gained something. Cheers!

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    All of the above plus you can also promote in other media such as pinterest-twitter-and more most of these use no-follow tags on the internal pages but most will give you a back link in the profile page once you are aproved etc. places like pinterest could be good to place links to your articles with in some interesting images related to your niche as people share stuff around and also repost and send links to other media .
    For Free lessons on creating a free affiliate website including how to find a niche-how to find related key words and how to build your own free affiliate website including on and off page SEO Check out my
    Free Lessons Here
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    Post good content regularly & use social media to post your blog add. Hope you will get good traffic soon.
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    Post useful and unique content more, and try to promote your blog in social media.
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    Post unique content and promote your blog in social media and do SEO.
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    Now I started getting traffic, guys.
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    Good to know that your traffic is picking up!

    I think that you need post more relevant, unique and fresh content on your website. Its not gonna happen overnight but to build an audience to have more traffic is to create content that people will share and will come back to your website for. If people find that the content you put our is interesting, they will comeback and they will share it to others.

    This way, your traffic growth will continue and not just pick up at some point and go down again.
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    Your website looks good, the template is nice and pleasant for the eyes.

    Now on to the bad part that I have noticed: your English is not exactly your strong point when writing articles. Not criticizing you and I hope you don't get offended, but I have read some of your excerpts and they're not exactly grammatically correct.

    Just an example: "Every single internet user search something or other things on Google every single day, but there are some hidden funny search and tricks side of Google and you may be not knowing it."

    Maybe this can be a factor as to why you don't get a lot of traffic.
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    Less traffic to the website can be because of lack of quality content/regular updation to the content. If high quality content is posted regularly on the website, it can give a great effect to the website/blog for increase in traffic.
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    If you want get target traffic from search engines, so you should have to engage moreover in content marketing, user experience, keyword research and link building. Usually, if you provide informative content, not only people, but also search engines too like to rank your website higher on SERPs. Check how long top 10 results on Google. They are at least 2000 words long.

    As my experience, it doesn't matter how many blog posts your site has, the only decider is how quality they are, what people can get it from. If you can answer these questions (obviously, you need to engage in other areas too such as social media optimization, conversion rate optimization), you can see steady increase in your traffic reports.
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    Originally Posted by krbshg View Post

    I don't know what is going on, Can you guys suggest me why I am getting very Less traffic to my website AK Digital Space - Create Some Space For Your Digital World..... I am very new to this blogging.
    Please suggest me the weak points of my blog. Thank you
    Ok, I have visited your blog, you need to add more quality contents here. You should know the contents are to most important factors to hold visitors and increase the number of traffic as well as getting ranked over search engines.
    Apart from these also use some other techniques to get traffic to any blog like:
    You should participate in the communities where more audience gathers,
    Make your blog contents more SEO friendly,
    Socially share your blog and make new connections.
    And the most important one Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results.
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    Site looks neat and clean to me. Did you start off page SEO yet? Maybe some guest blogging..
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    There are many ways of generating traffic to your blog such as

    1) Social Media Platforms
    2) Search Engines (You need to do proper SEO)
    3) Content Marketing (Effective content marketing can bring lots of link juice and traffic to your site)
    4) Paid Traffic (PPC, CPV, CPM)
    5) Post in Forums in your niche
    6) Guesting (for traffic and links)
    7) Question and Answer sites (Yahoo Anwers and Web Answers)
    8) Distribute free ebooks to ebook directorories
    9) Create slides and share on slideshare.net
    10) Create flyers and distribute (offline marketing)

    In all, if you create highly engaging content, traffic wouldn't be much of a problem. But you do need to promote your website otherwise NO TRAFFIC.
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    Most of the Comments here are to promote their websites
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    Create great content that is users are searching and get ranked in top, also promote more on social media sites. Traffic is most important thing for anyone so get position in search results.
    use ubersuggest for getting good article titles.
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    Try to add unique and engaging contents in your site so that user will read it, add internal links, video and images in your content to drive traffic. Also write articles, forum posting, social media helps to get more traffic. If you want to gather accurate traffic data you can install web analytics tool in your site like Gostats.
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    Try to use unique content & do some off page seo tasks & make quality backlinks to get traffic towards your website.
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    Regular Blog update with high PR social media posting can help to become #1 in Google.
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