Can you reverse-engineer a Youtube video?

by Raydal
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Is there any way of analyzing a YouTube video to see why it is
ranking the way it is the same way you can check for back-links
on a website and on-page factors?

-Ray Edwards
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    Yes. But even Ahrefs, Majestic, ScrapeBox....GSA....etc won't show you all the links. You could use a search string too, and again, you likely won't see all the links.

    If they have a tiered link structure and are using a PBN....good luck with that.

    They may have also pounded it with high-retention views.

    Or maybe....all that could just be hogwash. Maybe they have good rankings because they did it the old fashioned way
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    One video which is about the oldest video for that keyword always
    came up as #1 for that keyword. Now it is all the way to the bottom
    of the second page and I can't understand why. It has a lot more
    views and engagement than videos above it and I'm scratching my

    -Ray Edwards
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    Ranking youtube videos on Google now has a lot of factors involved in it. Used to be just backlinks in past.

    You can rank videos using On-page SEO alone now, its really hard to tell but google seems to like some videos better than others even if they have low view or no backlinks.

    And yes you can reverse engineer a youtube. Check its views/backlinks/channel authority, if none of them are there then its just a matter of good on-Page SEO for that video.
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      Hi Raydal ! Talk about coincidence ...

      Just hours ago, I received and just read, a promotional email about a new video product/system.
      It's a single product designed to do multiple key SEO and other amazing tasks,
      including exactly what your subject line is enquiring - spying on the competition.

      Not sure it can tell why a Y/tube site loses rankings, but, according to the sales videos,
      it can specify what you need to do to improve your Y/tube video production, ranking,
      e.g. keywords, tabs, title, transcript, description, chanel, other contributary elements...

      If you're interested let me know how to send details to you - forward entire email with link,
      or post product name here ... I'm not sure of the forum rules.

      Not endorsing the product, I have not used it. It's in "early-bird-launch-price" mode.

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