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I have a site up for a local business and its not showing in the local listing serp section but there is only 1 other competitor?

It shows for other keywords in the local serps and there are multiple businesses in it?

I have more and better quality content, citations, PBN links etc.

Can't quite grasp whats going on lol
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    Maybe the keyword it's not showing up for in the local listings is not a local keyword. Also, make sure you aren't violating any of Google's rules regarding local listings. You can find the updated rules here.
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    • Based on the limited info you gave I can envision a couple scenarios but...

      Are you saying for a specific KW a map and a local listings comes up, but there is only 1 listing?

      Are there other businesses of that type in town.

      If so that sounds like what we call a one-box. That's where Google gets confused and thinks a KW search is a brand search. Maybe the name of that business has some of the keywords in it? Then Google thinks you are search for that business instead of a generic query and so only shows you that one business.

      Since Pigeon it's been happening a lot even when it's not a partial name match.

      Does that sound right?

      If not, if you can link to the results and explain a little more I'll try to help.

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  • Pickup your business keywords, Associate them with your local cities and brand name and use them in tags section. Create A google+ business profile page and get it verified. Do some citation in business website and ask your visitors to rate you/review you on Google+ business page. You will see improvement in result

    Lance Bachmann

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    Since you said local business. You need to submit your site to Google places. Also adding Google map on your page could also be very helpful.
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