How google treat with Rewritten articles?

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I have a two month old site, with 15 blog posts I have spun these blog posts from ezinearticles. I have ahref rank below:
URL rank 24 and DA is 40, but my site is not seen in first 400 pages of google with my specific keywords, I am focusing.
And the keywords are not very competiteve .
So why google is ignoring my site?
I have few questions

1: Does Google hate spun or rewritten articles?
2: Does my site have only 15 articles and I have to increase it?
3: Do I have to wait for more times.
On page optimization is perfect.

Please guide me
Waiting for your response
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    I just now one answer for sure:

    2: Does my site have only 15 articles and I have to increase it?

    I know a site with just 5 inside pages. It's ranking on 2 and it's extremely competitive!!
    I need a very skilled web developer for my growing project! Long term cooperation appreciated!
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    Belong to how you re-write, google only base on the content like or not like, they don't care if you re-write an article.
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    Now, I think google don't like sun articles and I 'm not sure your articles, which are quality spun articles. Quality articles and link building in that article it maybe good idea.
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    Its based on the content how you rewrite, just think of any popular brand, if you search about those popular brand, you will get to see the same popular brand in the top of the result page not any other duplicate brand names which is used after their brand establisment. So better avoiding rewrite content method
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    Google don't like spun articles, but you can still find them ranking in the SERPs sometimes.
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    I have written many unique, original articles on my site and Google has-made them all supplemental. So, make your own judgement. Oh, by the way. Except for tow of them that I put out on the web, I have checked all of them to make sure they haven't been scraped Nope.
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    I am building backlinks to only home page, Is it problem?
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    Google has his own robots to find out this things and update. Mostly it updates within 1 hours even in 3 munites as well.
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  • At any point of time; its bad to shuffle existing articles and blog posts. Google wont like such posts. Better write more as if you copyscape still you might not get ranked if content is not of superior quality and is not fulfilling user search query until you are doing link building for some of your post or main domain. So better write clean write unique.

    Lance Bachmann

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      Google could care less. Anyone above who thinks otherwise is living
      on a different planet. If they did, then one could only assume that
      amazon, wikipedia, et. al. would never rank. But funny thing. They do.

      People just like to parrot crapola they read or heard, not knowing it
      makes them look foolish.

      Think, people, think. It would make these threads disappear if that
      actually happened.

      Originally Posted by olivia69 View Post

      Google has his own robots to find out this things and update. Mostly it updates within 1 hours even in 3 munites as well.
      Is that on fiverr time? My first guess would be you are not a real doctor, but you play one on fiverr.

      I would say that reply wins for $%&*#@ of the day, but it's still early.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I bet that's a wonderful user experience, spun EZA articles on a money site.

    Aim higher.
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      Google hates spun articles if it can identify them.

      You don't have to increase your articles from 15, but 15 is basically nothing. More articles will generally mean more views.

      I don't know what your goal is, but if it took you 2 hours to spin that many articles and publish it, don't expect to get much money for it, your work is worth say .... $.05-$.20 cents a month for a short while... don't spend it all in once place. Try doing more work to get more money.

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    Your site is only 2 months old and 15 articles are actually very few Give it more time, update it more frequently (15 articles in 2 months is like.. 2 articles a week. Try updating your website more often).
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    Spun content is these days not even recommended for tier 1 links let alone using them on your money site. If you are serious in your marketing online, get started with unique and high quality content.
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    Your site is still new - so you need to give it more time to get better rankings.

    Now, when it comes to your content - if you want to rank faster and better in Google - rewritten content will only frustrate you!!

    Today's SEO is a lot different and it is changing rapidly. Focus on the QUALITY of your content more than the backlinks to it.

    Google will only reward quality content! .. Google only cares about their USERS. With that in mind, if your content is crappy and not original, no matter how many backlinks it has, it will not rank well! .. plain and simple

    I would not rewrite anything. I would come up with quality content that solves specifics problems in a specific niche.

    That;s how you can rank in the search engines faster and better. You won't even need to work on backlinks if your content is so good people are talking about it and sharing it online.

    Is all about Q U A L I T Y now!!

    Remember that!

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    Keep up the great work!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    If you written your article check that in google search if it showing exact word in some other site then it will treat as spam otherwise u need to check your on page if it is perfect then u need to create more baklinks for that keyword
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    Hi.. i'd suggest you to do this: instead of spinning your content.. you should better convert it into other formats: pdf, videos, PR, Fb fanpges, using the same keyword strategy, you can generate a lot of backlinks that are powerful and take people to your site. you only need to adapt the content to the needs of the new sites and also you're working less.
    Good Luck!
    Jany Luz Posada
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    you need more articles..

    also did you re-write these by hand? did they pass copyscape?
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    This is very important, I think it would be very much appreciated to have original content I mean videos, audio files, articles in high quality and you will certainly rank well on Google.

    My Best Regards
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    It depends upon how quality seo you are doing
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