wordpress blog VS flash site. which is better?

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i have nearly finished a new product and wanted to have a nice quality looking almost "corporate" site as its home.
now i understand that google loves a blog format so that would put wordpress right up there. but i have been looking at the free flash sites that i get offered at hostgator.?
i think they are great.
an i wrong?
i am going to be driving my traffic through almost every way except SEO and feel that the little that i might lose through that SEO thing will be gained by having a professional looking website.

i am aware that there is also the page loading factor involved here but all my new traffic will come in through a squeeze page first anyway.

so i trust you guys. wordpress or flash templates?

wordpress can be dressed up to look great. but i feel that some of those hostgator templates are really professional looking. if it looks expensive then surely i can give my visitors the impression that they have arrived at a site that is of a high standard.

i believe very strongly in first impressions.

thanks for reading.
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    If you are looking at SEO a blog will destroy a flash site. Plus, flash sites do nothing to help the bottom line. They look fancy but do nothing to help conversions.

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    I'd avoid Flash at all costs if you want any SEO traffic. Wordpress just works. Go with it if you want the best chance of free search engine traffic.

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    In addition to the SEO benefits of a blog Shannon and Alex, I would choose a blog for the simple fact they are easier to update than Flash sites.

    I have never used Flash and don't have any desires to. If you want your sites to be found in the SERPs use WordPress.
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    You can get some pretty amazing blog sites customized - even with a flash header if you're looking for some "bling".

    I've got a buddy that does them. PM me and I'll send you a referral to him. He's very reasonable.


    Steve Meade - Master Motivational Hypnotist and IM Pro

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    Yep I would go with the advice Steve gave and get the best of both worlds flash and wordpress.

    How to insert a flash file to your wordpress header? - Daily SEO blog

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