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How can I optimize my Amazon Products Pages to appear top of the SEs?

On-page optimization is obvious (you only have to look at top seller's pages) but what about off-page SEO?
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    Optimize your title, images, description (both the bullet points and the description area further down the page), reviews, and every possible nook and cranny of the Amazon page.

    To see how the pros do it, pick any competitive product and search for it on Amazon. For example, here is one of the top resultshere is one of the top results for "garcinia cambogia".

    -- massively optimized title
    -- big bulleted paragraphs full of keywords
    -- optimized product description
    -- clear set of images
    -- over a thousand reviews
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      What about off page optimization?
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    In my opinion, Amazon product page optimization
    - High quality image product
    - Product description
    - Pro and cons
    - User review
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      But what about off page optimization? Clearly, no-one knows anything about this subject!
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        Originally Posted by Louise Lewis View Post

        But what about off page optimization? Clearly, no-one knows anything about this subject!

        Hey Louise-

        I've been doing seo for 6 years now and can get page 1 rankings with normal websites.

        I'm selling a private label product on Amazon so I thought it would be easy to rank my Amazon product listing page. Well it isn't.

        There are some blogs out there by some IM guru's and SEO guys. They basically all say the same thing. Blast your Amazon page with thousands of GSA backlinks over a period of weeks. And also hit it with a few PR links.

        I tried all that and my listing hasn't moved much.

        I think I know what the problem is. Back engineered my Amazon competitors in Google and here's what I found. My backlink profile is already superior to theirs by a long shot.

        What they have that I didn't was tons of content on their Amazon page. I'm talking like 2500-3500 words and a video and images. Most of the words were from the reviews that were on the main Amazon product listing page. The video and images were posted by reviewers on the main amazon product page.

        The product descriptions were not that lengthy.

        Here's what I just did. I hired a writer to write me 4, 500 word first person reviews. They sound like real Amazon reviews. Then I made a video review of my product.

        Then I gave the reviews, video and a couple images to a guy who will post fake Amazon reviews. (Do NOT use Fiverr for this).

        Once he posts them, my Amazon sales page will go from 900 total words to around 2900. Plus, the page will have a video review and images in 2 of the reviews.

        Have a feeling this will increase my rankings.

        Think of it this way. There are probably hundreds of people on Amazon selling the same product as you. Most of you have the same or similar product description. That's why it's hard to just back link your page to the top of Google.

        Give Google lots of unique content and video and your page will really stand out and Google will love it. Then back link it and you should rank. For links stay away from GSA. Build PR links from expired domains and other high quality links as well as social signals. If you have tons of unique content on your page you probably won't need that many back links.

        If this doesn't work then the only possibility would be that Google has a minimum number of reviews that are required for your product. Example: If you don't have a minimum of 40 reviews Google won't let you rank on page one. But I don't think that's the case.
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