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hi guys !!!
Here are three search engine optimization tips which can help you improve your website's ranking.
  1. The first and foremost important thing to do is to find the correct keywords for your website. These keywords will be the essential phrases or words which will be used for identifying your website for appropriate searches. It is important to have a different keyword for each of your web page so that they do not start competing amongst themselves.
  2. Search engines today are very intelligent in identifying which website provides rich content and which ones are simply written from some other website. Having the key word used at lots of places in your page will actually result in lowering of its rank. A balance must be maintained in order to have improved search engine ranking.
  1. A blog is a really powerful tool to improve your website's visibility. Blog posts are found and updated automatically by search engines like Yahoo or Google. Moreover, you can add and modify information on your blog at your free will. This improves the chances of your website moving higher in the search results.
People on the internet want to read useful and interesting information on the net. Increasing the traffic to your website through your blog improves the view count and makes your website even more visible. By taking the sufficient permission, you can link your blog to other websites with similar content, and those websites can link back to your blog. This way you can share and improve the daily online visitors and optimize the SEO efforts.
With the help of Meta descriptions, the SEO of your website is improved. Meta description is basically a small paragraph that is used to describe or summarize the entire web page. The face of your website is the web description, and only if a user likes it then he will continue to read the body of your web page. Providing accurate details on your web site ensures that your page will be properly categorized for the search engine. This description should be very brief, around 30 words, describing the highlights of the web page. It is also to be noted that your Meta description is also considered like a key phrase, so make sure that the Meta description contains the keywords too.
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    Great post.

    To add on to #2: my advice is to just write naturally. Don't worry about keyword density or anything. Just write and then read it out loud, or have someone else read it out loud. If it feels forced or unnatural, it's no good.
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      Originally Posted by GarrettMickley View Post

      Great post.
      Great post? You people must live under the same rock.

      None of that is remotely related to any basic SEO tips to follow,
      let alone the top 3.

      #1 makes no sense.
      .....let's see...I make a site on DIsneyland....but I'm going to choose student loan consolidation...
      ...cuz that's so much better as keywords.

      #2 is BS. doesn't know good content from your rear end.

      #3 is pure fantasy.
      ....nothing special about blogs. On this planet anyway.

      I met a blonde late at night near a bus stop. She was on the ground feeling it with her hands. I asked her what she was doing. She said she lost her contact lens across the street, but the light was so much better here.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Mine one are:

    1. Optimize your titles, URL and descriptions

    This is probably the oldest tip in the SEO industry but it is still the most important.

    2. Provide useful and fresh content

    Content freshness is important for SEOOne of the reasons you have a website or blog is to provide content to build an audience, keep your existing readers happy or gain new customers. By content we mean anything from articles, videos, infographics, slideshows, music, comments, reviews or anything else that is suited for your niche.

    3. Improve your website’s loading time

    Page speed is a ranking factorIf this is the first time you are reading that page speed is important for SEO then soon after reading this post you should do whatever is needed to improve the loading time of your website. If you have read about this before and have not yet done anything about it, you are doing a big mistake.
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    1. Never underestimate the power of longtails
    2. The more landing pages for different keywords you have the more traffic you get
    3. Outgoing links to authority websites might just give you the push you need
    Project Ara News and Community, every day fresh! Join now!
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    1. Finding the long tail keyword
    2. Create quality useful content have long tail keyword
    3. Find backlink from high Pr blog, social media and niche forum
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    Top three seo tips for your is:
    * Unique & Informative content.
    * Backlink
    * Social Media Marketing
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    SEO is not depend on that three step but those are important but if you want to do effective seo then you have to use all the seo technique.
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    Original content and the right keywords are really important for SEO. Then comes back-linking and other SEO techniques, but basically, without the right type of content, there's little chance of achieving success with a website.
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    Bullshit or not. I want to thank younesok for the post just because he wrote it. Thank you younesok for the post. Never mind the negative people. They are everywhere. Many people including myself found your post to be useful
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    Many thanks for this post, it is really helpful.
    Yes, the most important and first step is to find the right keywords. Content and techniques come afterwards.
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    SEO = Number of back links with varied anchor texts

    Your content can be shit and you can rank on the first page for your keywords.

    BUT, your conversions will suck because no one will want to read your stuff.
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    Don't forget to register your domain for as long as possible = spiders interpret domains with short term leases (1, 2yr) as more likely to be spam than those that are bought long-term.
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      How do the spiders know how much I paid? If I have auto-renew or not.

      Originally Posted by LFGdating View Post

      Don't forget to register your domain for as long as possible = spiders interpret domains with short term leases (1, 2yr) as more likely to be spam than those that are bought long-term.
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    yes actually we should probably do must research regading keywords.
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    Write content for humans and not engines. Write content that you'd yourself like to read.
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    1. On-page properly by the website designer.
    2. Use always fresh and effective content.
    3. Always to quality work not to do quantity.
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    Top 3 Basic SEO Tips to Follow are vary according to every organisation...

    As every Organisation has different strategy for SEO and henceforth their SEO basic tips are also different.

    My Basic SEO tips will be as

    1. Follow Webmaster Guidelines
    2. Use schema tags
    3. Follow Google Webmaster Central Blog
    4. Create quality content
    5. Use social media
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      Sorry for being harsh on my first ever post, but you really need to work on getting your information across in a much more clear way. It almost hurt my eyes reading that tbh.

      One quick tip is to use a new paragraph after every 2-3 lines of text max. That's the easiest thing to implement, but you also need to work on your sentence structure, choice of words and a lot more.

      Please don't let this discourage you though. We all have areas that need improving and if nobody told us then we may never know.

      As far as basic SEO tips go here is one of mine:

      Use as many long tails and variations of the main keyword as you possibly can in your text.

      This will then result in your article ranking for tons of related keywords and a lot more traffic.


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    according to 2 year experience with IBP(SEO Software),The only fact is one "1 Backlink" is necessary to quality articles or pages, others factors may varies
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    Nice listing ,thanks for sharing with us.
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    Thank you all of you experts for your helpful opinions,i am new here,i create a website for get ads from google adsense,but adsense did not approved.will any expert among of you all can tell me why adsense not approved my site?DIGITAL MEDIA PEDIA
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