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I have a client that I am going to run multiple campaigns ..PPC-RTB-FB ad's. Because I want to know exactly what the conversion rate is for each. I am going to mirror their site 3 times (one for each campaign) this way I can have different trackable phone numbers for each, all the submission from the 3 websites would come into different emails and I will know the exact CTR's through google analytics.

My question is their a way I can get the search engines to never crawl these sites?

I don't want to effect his main sites SEO with duplicate content penalty's.

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    If you don't want search engines to see your page then you would use Noindex to tell spiders not to index the page. Do that for each of the pages and you shouldn't have to worry about it.
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    You can also you htaccess to stop pages from indexing, google it.
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    In the top of your head tags, add noindex no follow.

    Such as ;

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">
    <!-- Rest of code here, and in body :p -->
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    Further you can also use robots.txt file to completely block your sites from indexing.
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    The best technique is to place a NoIndex in the footer and do a block in the robots.txt, you never know what can happen if this is missed. Having duplicate content throughout your website will harm your efforts for SEO.
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      Tell me, just what you an expert in that you are taking paying clients?

      The post from top to bottom is hard to fathom from anyone with even
      half of a clue.


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    Out of everything you mentioned there only craigslist sounds good to me. I'd concentrate my efforts just on it, if I were you.
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