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I'm more of a diy kind of guy, i like to build links from high authority sites, i really don't want to communicate with other people within my niche, but i want to try something new out, so i heard guest posting was a good way to rank your site, but i don't know if website owners within my niche will contact me back.

Shinny object syndrome hasn't made me any money. So i have to go all in on seo and good content.

Can you change my mindset on guest posting ? I want to try it out, i'm trying a bunch of seo techniques and im seeing what works and what doesn't.

My objective is to rank for my keyword on the 1st page of google.

I decided to stick to one business and that is niche websites.
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    Yes, guest posting can be a good source of backlinks and traffic. You can find sites that are accepting guest posting just by searching on Google (however you should target the sites within the same niche with your site).

    Shinny object syndrome hasn't made me any money. So i have to go all in on seo and good content.
    Yeah, same for me for some time. I think I liked more to create the sites rather than the content creation.
    However, this way you can't earn too much money jumping from one thing to another.
    Just choose a niche, make a promotion plan and stick with it until you start making some money. Reinvest a part of the money to scale up your business (traffic, buy more sites in that niche, etc.)
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    Guest posting can indeed be a great way of building contextual backlinks. You can find people who allow guest posting by searching Google, you can also find people who allow or trade guest posting by searching some of the other webmaster forums out there.
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    Any day, anytime, i will give up anything to have a link back from a good source and Guest blogging is one of them.

    It's actually a different route to follow, slow and consume a lot of time but worth it if you find a good site to link back to you.
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    Guest post is certainly the best way for uplifting the site in the SERP, but content is KING all time. Timely updates coming for the algorithms, made the guest posting moderate which was extensive this before.

    Before you do a guest post on a site, make sure you do a quick check, if the site has a good reputation on Google, if the site has a good number of visitors. There are a number of sites providing all these stats to you on your fingertip. Guest posts don't only help you to uplift the site on Google, but also help in making relations beyond the world. There are many communities where people offer such services at competitive prices. You get to stay in touch with them and have the benefit. Next thing, you can ask people to do guest post on your site and earn some bucks.

    Guest posts are very beneficial, if done in a moderate manner. I hope I helped you. Good luck.
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    Guest posting and broken link building are what I currently use to rank my website in Google.

    The fact is that guest posting, when done properly, can help you became a popular figure in your niche. And it'll not only give you high quality backlinks, but more social shares and follows and even more subscribers.

    So that's a good move. Implement it man. Do not jump from place to another. Focus on creating high quality content and you'll do just fine, I promise.
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    Guest blogging is not recommended by the Google updates.
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      Originally Posted by annewilliams123 View Post

      Guest blogging is not recommended by the Google updates.
      In fact, they went a step further than that...they said they were shutting guest posting down completely for SEO purposes. While the industry hasn't seen any major penalties so far, I do believe that the day is quickly approaching.

      Now, that doesn't mean that it won't remain alive and well on more reputable sites, but I'd stay away from the spammy ones that have no content standards. That will eventually come back to bite you just like the spam links did to others.

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    Let me be very clear about guest blogging and its relationship to backlinks. The purpose of guest blogging is not backlinks. The minute you start doing that, websites and editors will know what's going on. You'll get voted off the island. If, however, the context, content, and subject of your guest post require it, then you can link to your own material. The goal is to be as helpful, clear, and informative as possible.
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    Forget about google. Guest post to help the readers. Be informative or entertaining. Link back to your on website articles if it is required.

    If your articles are of help to readers, they will check out your website and you can get a pretty good traffic. In time, google will catch up.

    Let google do the catching up, not you. You can still get traffic without google through guest posting. Remember to build your email list. And also remember to build good relationships and partners on social medias, forums and with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs within related niches. Help each other out and don't be selfish

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    If you focus on high authority sites and avoid spammy article directories, guest posting can prove highly effective. Therefore, I recommend you proceed with your strategy.
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    The point of guest posting is that both parties must mutually benefit from the situation. If your content is strong and engaging then yes guest posting is still a good way not only to develop and audience but also strong business partnerships with established people in your market.

    But you have to come with quality and engaging content, perhaps create your own original info-graphic with 500-700 words of text to accompany it. Or an intriguing top 10 list,etc. But if you are going to give away content make sure it is benefiting you as well and the page your doing the guest posting on has good PR or readership.
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    Guest posting is a great idea. Only thing you need to be careful about is do not spam, and choose your niche and do some genuine blog commenting that can add value to the blog. Look for high domain authority and high page rank sites.
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    Guest post is good to get traffic as well as backlinks to your website. Apart from this you build a good reputation in your niche through guest post. So I highly recommend guest posting.
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    Look at problogger website , Darren Rowse get huge huge traffic from guest post.

    But how he do that? That he not talk us.

    You simply write an informative guest post on a site like michaelhyatt- with a link back to your website and thats all? Then after waiting a few days and see the traffic comes in?

    Is that all so simply - find related niche blog who has big traffic and then send guest posts to them?

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    • Guest posting done right can do wonders. In order for it to be done right, you have to have the right goal. Your purpose should be to provide people with information that will be helpful to them. Create content that is valuable, and people will seek you.

      If you do proceed, make sure you stick with reputable sites. You should ensure that your guest posts don't go to waste.

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    Shinny object syndrome hasn't made me any money. So i have to go all in on seo and good content.

    Google is more focused on the quality of our site rather than the actual design. Yes having a good responsive actually help a lot in conversion but even with all the blings, Google will still index what's on your site so it matters very much to have quality content.

    As for guest blogging, you can try it. It sure adds backlinks and could help boost the ranking provided it is done in the right way.
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    It's a great method guest blogging and simple to get good free traffic.
    I happy about that, so I not must spend huge money on SEO or PPC traffic.


    content syndication; is syndicate own content (on own website indexed first) to ezines and with guest blogging method, not the same?

    Syndicate to ezines, syndicate with guest blogging= same in my eyes.

    I think ezines they have bigger readerships.

    Matt Cutts not like that? Don't listen to him, you will get traffic with syndication, you not must do heavy SEO or Facebook advertising, or buy PPC traffic- you not need of them, you get good free traffic numbers and with this goal you can build up your list.

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    Guest posting is dead. Don't take my word for it. Take Matt Cutts' word -
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      Guest posting is the best "safe" link building method right now, how do I know this?

      Because I've been working on a big site of mine only using guest posting as my link building strategy and my domain authority increases all the time as well as my traffic levels.

      Every month I get my writer to write 5 good "how to articles, etc" and I find the site I want the content published on.

      When your looking for good sites to guest post on, always look for sites with good domain authority, good Trust flow, older the site the better, good Alexa rank, a large social media following etc.

      It's better to get 1 link from a domain which has domain authority of 40+ than to get 10 links from sites with domain authority of 10, 20. It doesn't matter if the link is placed on a new page because after time, the page will earn itself page authority.

      Iv also ranked many websites using this method, so good luck convincing me it doesn't work.

      Do you have a website making money and want to sell it? Contact me, I'm looking to buy sites monetized by Amazon and Adsense!!
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    This sure caught my eye. Yes, guest posting does work as long as your guest is someone that ranks pretty high. I've done it a lot and not only does the guest him/herself will comment, but so will their followers. This increases good back links to your blog. Every time I do it, I see a rise in comments. I go with yes, do so.
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    Avoid any site that advertises guest posting like the plague.
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    If you only guest blog for backlinks - the person above is right - you'll get banned. To many guest posts also require moderators to approve the post.
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    Guest posting is a great way to bring new viewers to your blog. Just be sure to pick guests who (1) can add real value that your particular readers are looking for (2) will be an addition to what you do, not just a re-hash (3) will no be overly self-promoting, and (4) will expand your reader base... meaning, they should have a decent following.
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    guest posting was effective in the past but with the current updates coming out..but as of right now should not be on your backlinking strategy as first option...that being said...if you get backlinks from articles on high quality sites...may work well :-)
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