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I just started really learning and digging into keyword research and realized all my old pages have terrible keywords.

If I have pages that are even 2 years old, can I go back into them and rearrange my posts and optimize each page for specific keywords?

Will that help my rankings?

Or does Google at this points not care about my old pages and won't boost my ranking because it's not a "fresh" page?

Thank you all!
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    I do not know what kind of pages you got and what happens to your content if you rearrange, but in general I would say that optimizing your page for specific keywords will for sure help your rankings. good luck
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  • Yes why not. Find out best keywords as per the page says and target them. Also find out modern ways to optimized pages and you will definitely get befitted as SEO is dynamic and changing so you dont need to worry on your efforts. Hard work always counts.

    Lance Bachmann

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