Do you think this twitter will help in SEO?

by Idol
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I'm building a twitter tool that will do the following:

- Search per keyword and connect with twitter members
- Follow and unfollow automatically
- Auto-tweet and retweet
- Send messages to followers with a special setting
- Auto reply to received message with custom links on it
- Auto Url shorten
- Tweet videos and images
+ some more advanced activities that will help marketer doing targeted marketing.

Please share your ideas on how I can improve it adding best features for SEO purpose.
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    None of that has a thing to do with SEO.
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    That's a great work,but you can try more advanced things that will help for SEO beginners!
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    I think twitter is not helps in SEO..It just give brand awareness and popularity among the viewers
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    In my opinion and experience, anything that brings traffic and backlinks can impact SEO.
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    discover what local businesses are doing wrong (to avoid these!) and get desired results even without links
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    Twitter does help in SEO,but its just because Google has kept a focus on active social media signals and that way it helps in SEO.
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