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Hey there,
so when you post an article on other site as a guest.
Do you post the original on your site too?
Do you link in the article to your site?
Will you add something like "Posted by x @ y"?
I've read a lot about duplicate content and was wondering if it would harm my site if half of the content is posted on other sites too?

Thank you for your input
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    Well, I don't think posting article would be a good idea at all as I am pretty much sure it isn't considered as a good trick to move forward with it now !! If you have heard a little while ago matt cutt has stated that posting article over article directories to gain backlinks is considered as Spam.
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    You mean guest posting?
    In that case, it's not a good idea (or even professional from your part) to post the same article on your own website. Link to it, if you want.
    Linking to your own website from the article you post on someone's blog is ok, IF the owner of the website permits it.
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    duplicate content is not going to get your site penalized for sure, however, google will only consider the sites that has the original copy of the content. So if you copied content from another website, google knows that, that particular piece of content is already on the web, so that specific website will always be ranked over you.
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    There is nothing wrong in guest posting. If you want to do an effective guest posting campaign, simply create highly engaging content (the type you'd want for your website).

    NEVER copy (even half) the content to your main site. Also remember that mass guest posting with a deliberate intent of creating backlinks is considered by Google (Matt Cutts said it) as a spammy technique and they'll likely penalize your site.

    My suggestion is: Create high quality content for the quest posting sites and do not copy any not even a part of it to your site.
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    For me, i will use the The Best Spinner to make 3 different articles and post all of them in the different Blog sites. I will keep the best quality one in my own Blog and website. You could Try the Best Spinner to spin your article. It is excellent !
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    As i know , You can submit article to other website but content should be unique, per unique article at per website,

    I will suggest you instead of using your link use your company name as brand name in article.

    Don't use your company name in Author bio, keep blog owner name or keep general name.

    Then promote this article link on different social media websites.
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    ok I see here way to many wrong theories.... You guys need to differentiate first what "Article submission" and what "Guestblog posting" is...
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    No please don't do that as Google considers that as a duplicate content which comes under black hat techniques. You can link though and that does makes sense. You can also add signatures to your name and that will help in getting some traffic as well.
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      I have some quality websites, where I allow you to post your articles

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    The article should be unique of course! Then you can't think there is a possibility of a duplicated content!

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