After everything how "Scrapebox" position is so good?

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Yes this is my concern or inexperienced question that I saw a thread titled What is ScrapeBox and How does it help in link building process?

The warriors who was attended by giving their opinions, All of them were insured that it isn't a good tool forever because of spamming. So my question is when I search scrapebox in Google, I saw it's PR 6, DA 55 and PA 62 and as I know in this survey has proved its ups. So why is it not good for us and why Google doesn't like its behavior to reduce its position?
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    Originally Posted by bijutoha View Post

    why Google doesn't like its behavior to reduce its position?
    There is probably a good reason behind why Scrapebox is not taken off Google search, obviously they are aware of it's presence, I would say it is useful for them to determine who is using Scrapebox, i mean iv used it several years ago, back in 2009, and it is obvious to Google who uses these programs.

    The best and only way to use Scrapebox is to manually submit the links after Scrapebox finds them, not blasting hundreds of crappy sites, but finding decent pagerank links and visiting these pages and making a dam good comment after scrape has found them.

    It would also be a good idea to use random proxies, usernames, blasting the same comment, or even spinning ten comments is going to leave a trail a mile long, the amount of times iv seen the same comment on some blogs with the same name is shocking, they dont even bother to check who they have previously submitted to. lol

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    Scrapebox is a very helpful tool. I use it almost daily. Don't use it for spamming but instead for productivity.
    Disclaimer: For most businesses a white hat approach is the best long-term strategy, however understanding other techniques and ranking factors used by affiliates can be valuable.

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      Scrapebox is an authority on "scrapebox" unless the content of their homepage is against google guidelines or their OffSite SEO, I dont see a reason to deindex. Same logic applies if you blame a gun store for a gun sold out of it which killed someone. It is the end users responsibility how they will use the tools offered.
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    Scrapebox can be used as a whitehat tool or a blackhat tool. It can be used for scraping link targets or blasting thousands of low quality links. Use it for the former, avoid the latter, and you won't experience any problems.
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