Target An Event Using 2.0 Sites For Some Quick $$$ In 2015

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While it's been many years since 2.0 sites like HubPages and Squidoo (just learnt it's now HubPages also) dominated the search engines, you can still find some that rank and make a quick buck, especially if you target an event.

If you would like to learn how to do this please keep reading..

Step 1: Think of an event that's around 30 minimum and 60 days MAX away. Right now in the UK just around the corner is Valentines day. The 50 Shades Of Grey is making it's premiere and Easter ain't long away neither.

There just some events upcoming I'm sure you can think of many more.

Step 2: Find a 2.0 site that Google is currently showing some love to. There are two ways I do this.

The first is to type really competitive terms into Google and see which 2.0 sites are ranking the highest most often.

The second is find a big list of 2.0 sites (very easy to find just type list of 2.0 sites into Google) then you want to go onto

Once on there one by one enter the 2.0 sites into the search bar, right hand side and click find.

It will then load a page that shows a lot of data about the site. The one you need to look at is 'Where do visitors come from?' and underneath that you will see this 'Search Traffic What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine?'

It will show this via a graph, you want the graph to show a big peak upwards which shows that Google is currently showing love for this domain.

For example I just typed in '' and there is a nice upward trend for traffic with an arrow showing the traffic from search engines is up over 20% compared to the previous 3 months. When you consider how much search traffic gets a 20% increase is HUGE.

Step 3: Once you've picked an event and found a 2.0 site that Google is loving atm the next thing you need to do is keyword research. I'm not going to go into detail about keyword research in this post because most of you already know how to do it and for you who don't there are plenty of amazing posts on here that show you how.

Anyway basically you want to find a nice list of keywords that are related to the event that you're targeting and have decent search traffic.

Step 4: Start writing articles on the 2.0 sites using the keywords you've found as the article titles. Make sure that these articles are high quality, one because some 2.0 sites are strict and will delete any article they deem isn't up to there standards, and two the higher quality the article the higher your conversion rate should be.

Once you've written out your articles, make sure you've at-least 3 minimum interlink the articles together.

Step 5: By this point you should have all your articles written and ready to monetize.

My preferred way to monetize 2.0 sites is with the Amazon Associates program because almost all 2.0 sites allow this kind of monetization and they sell almost everything.

So let's say you went with Easter as your event. Go onto Amazon and find Easter eggs, gift cards and Easter cards etc and list them in your articles. Once you've done this you can move onto the ranking part.

Step 6: Ranking your articles. Because you went with a 2.0 site that Google likes currently you may already be indexed and ranked decently in the search engine for some or all of your keywords.

However getting the articles as high as possible is key to making as much cash as you can. To do this you can blast them with links using link blasting programs and that is a good method, however what I do is build other 2.0 sites to link into them.

The reason I use other 2.0 sites is because I can write relevant articles on them to link back and I can then also monetize them 2.0 sites for some extra cash.

Other ways I will get links is high quality comments on blogs that leave the links in the comment section do follow.

Another method is to see how other people who are ranking 2.0 sites highly doing it. To do this simply find some high ranking 2.0 sites and type them into a site like This will show you all the sites linking into there article. All you have to do then is see if you can also get a link from that site.

Step 7: Once all of the step above have been complete just sit back and relax. All of the hard work has been done and it's now time to wait for the event to come and see your affiliate commissions roll in. Then just rinse and repeat over and over again.

You're not always going to hit a home run but when you do and make $100s or $1000s in a single day while the event is trending there is not to many better feelings in the World knowing all of that cash is thanks to the work you put in.

Any Questions

If you have any questions please let me know. I apologize in advance for my writing I know it's not the most easiest thing to read and understand but I am working on improving it everyday.

And for you guys who have already done this sort of thing what kind of results did you get? I would be extremely interested to know as I'm sure everyone else will be.



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