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I know there are a few ways, but what's the quickest way you know to get a page indexed...


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    I have have this article bookmarked when I went googling before about Internet marketing. Its one of the helpful tips I found.

    And maybe its time to share it to you.

    How to Get Your Website Indexed by Google: 10 steps - wikiHow
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    Sign up for a my yahoo page and make sure you subscribe to your site on your my yahoo home page. Yahoo, at least will index it very quickly.
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    Getting indexed is easy..In fact there are even ways to get one of your links up in as fast as 2 hours..

    But I don't recommend the quick and easy way..It's like a bubble it bursts..

    I did a quick and easy before and after a few days it went out of the search results..

    It surfaced again..but after several months..I guessed it was SANDBOXED!

    As for the other one that I applied the same technique..it totally went out and was not listed again..

    Remember the Turtle and the Hare story..Slowly but surely..is in the end safer..

    To your success!

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    One more time. Drum roll please

    Post a link to it in you WF blog or in your Warrior Forum Sig.

    "quickest way to get a page indexed" - Google Search
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      As others have said, Digg works very quickly. Reddit and Propeller also work very fast. Some folks I have spoken with have reported just a few minutes - others suggest up to a few hours.

      Blogger posts with a link to your content also works pretty fast (same day).

      A hyperlink in the description of a video on Youtube also works incredibly quickly to index new content.

      If it is a blog - a decent ping list is all it takes.

      As also suggested above - getting indexed quickly is an interesting novelty, but the real value comes from getting a good position in the SERPs.

      Regards, Georgetta
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    do the folowing and get indexed quickly:
    1. write articles and submit it to ezinearticles.com
    2. put a link in your signature on this forum and write helpful posts.

    good luck.
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    a quick way easy way - goto www.aboutus.org/<insertsiteurl>
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    get a link from an authority website, bookmark your site on Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon...

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    Practically everyone said it all. Also, you could submit your blog to search engines. Comment on blogs in related niche to get backlinks as well
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    Just to share my experience, for blog it's quick even using the normal pingomatic.com, pingoat.com and kping.com. My new blog content is updated within 3 hours.

    But for my mini-site with keywords like make money online, I not sure why but it is coming up only after 2 weeks.
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    Do most of you go through multiple steps, for instance, do you Digg it, maybe link to it from Facebook and then some other step or do you most of you only do 1 of them to get the job done.

    Also is submitting the RSS feed to feedage or feedburner quick? I think I've had quick indexing doing it that way but I'm far from an expert so by the end of the day is what I consider quick.
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    I think the best way to be indexed in hours is to submit links to digg and other social bookmarks.
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    All of the above!

    Don't worry about the indexing piece. Just work like crazy to get backlinks from a world of different sites and the indexing will come. It always does.
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      For new sites I just submit a new article to Ezinearticles and my site gets indexed within one week. It has never failed for me using this method.
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    Do following things:

    Article submission
    social bookmarking ( This works great)
    Blog's comment posting
    Pings to different rss directories and search engines

    Do these all on 1st day and i hope your site will index on same day or very next day.
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    Get link from PR5, search engine loves it.
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      hi warrior
      hope you are fine.here are some methods through which your site "ll be indexed.
      submit your articles on social sites like hubpages digg and pingomatic etc.
      try it.update your site content and it should be pure.
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