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I found a site that a friend said is using document frames and I like how it works, it keeps the same web page on the screen and as you click on tabs or buttons on that page it changes the text in the box, which really takes up a good bit of the page.

As I said I like how it look but how do search engines crawl this stuff since I don't think it is really on the page it is linked in to fill the text box. At least when I go to page source I don't see an article there between the html. Any ideas who this works or how to do the seo on this kind of set up. Mark
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    It's an iframe, the content isn't on the page or in the HTML source code like you've already seen.

    The page that includes the iframe content will be cached & indexed even If the page is 100% iframe content, that same blank webpage can rank in Google SERPs.

    I have one SERP example that shows Mega Sitelinks on Google SERPs for a blank webpage where the content is 100% inside an iframe. I'm not sharing the keyword but I'm sure other similar examples are out there.
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    Thanks Yukon, I wasn't sure how that worked and if that is the case I should still be able to leave the same keywords in the article as well as keeping all my H tags where they are as well.
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