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Say.. I want to list my business online. There are lots of free business listing websites and paid. I have listed my business on free listings but curious to know how much benefit I will get with a paid directory or business listing websites?
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    I don't think paid directory listings are worth it so much these days, unless it was from a really solid and high authority directory like Yahoo Directory.. If the directory at least gets allot of traffic your link may be above the others and send some extra traffic..But overall, I think there are other things I would spend my money on besides a paid listing on a small and unknown web directory.
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    No definitely don't do paid directories. If you want to do something similar to help increase rankings I would suggest you search the reciprocal links section here on the WF
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      You should not try Directory Submissions, Nowadays its not use at all to submit the new business entries and no index on Google.

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    I wouldn't recommend them either.
    It's OK to build some backlinks this way, but I'd say paying for it might be a waste of money.
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    Just submit to couple of good paid directories - but do Not over-do - it may go against your site.
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    Don't submit to all listings, all you need is DMOZ listing, not for traffic but for the link from their website. If your website listed in DMOZ google have more trust for your website.
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    Don't waste your money on paid directory listings. It would be a better investment to pay someone to develop the site's content and when the site is good, then make sure you have google webmaster set up for your site (and follow the advice webmaster gives). And then submit it to the mighty G -
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    Paid link directory is not entertain by the Google.So I think one must try to avoid to buy paid links.
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    There is a big diffrance between paid directories with good editorial team and spammy directories which accepts all kind of websites as long as they are paying for the inclusion. The first type can be very helpful for your rankings and the second type can be harmful.

    It doesn't matter if a directory is free or paid - the quality is what counts.

    Simple tip: if you are able to choose your anchor text - avoid at all costs!

    See what Mutt Cutts (Google spokesman) is saying about paid direcotries:

    UK Business Directory -

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    If the directory is really good and legit, then yeah, I wouldn't mind paying for them. It lets less people in. Better link for you
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    There are so many free directory listing that you do not need paid directory. I would rather you invest those funds in google adwords and facebook ad.
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    If you think paid directories don't help, then go research backlinks of some popular law firm websites sometime. From what I found when I looked into it a year ago (and turned down the opportunity to do seo for a small law firm because they didn't agree with my budget requirement), U.S. lawfirms spend on average about $5,000-$15,000 a MONTH paying for backlinks. Sure, they are association sites and high pr directories and law firm locator specific sites, but the sheer amount of links they're buying and how much they cost each year or month is alarming. And, of course, few law firms actually do this work themselves. They hire seo agencies for another $5K-$10K a month to do all the work. So, next time you're beating your head against the wall wondering why you have perfect on-page seo, wonderful unique content, and still can't see the light of day on top serps, remember the law firms and how they're battling it out every day with each other...and how none of them get banned from google because they're paying for links.

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