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Now days which is hard task in between keyword ranking and traffic ?
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    If you rank, you will get traffic. Ranking is more difficult because you can buy traffic but you can't buy rankings.
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    Ranking is more difficult compared to get traffic that you can easily get from sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, ...
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    As others have said, if you can rank then you'll get traffic from it. However, the process to getting ranked normally comes from a variety of different off-site techniques. That means not only will you see an increase in search traffic, you should also see an increase in traffic from referrals and social as well!
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    A great way to generate high ranking is through generating top-notch content of the topic of your choice. Having an excellent keyword research done and utilizing those words naturally and not spammy throughout your website.

    Once your site generates enough pages and becomes recognized as an authority within sites like Google, Bing, etc as having unique and relevant content in a tight niche then it is a matter of linking up with a few other high PR sites, getting contextual links, having your site mentioned with social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIN. Facebook, and generating a buzz around your site.

    This will naturally rank your site higher for years to come. I am not sure how blackhat techniques usually run, but these are temporary and usually fall off the rankings after being found out. Google usually cracks down on these sites after a while and prevents this from even happening in the first place. But Google knows everyone will not generate a long-term white-hat site all the time and always leaves a loophole somewhere for black hatters to make there monies.
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    Neither is more difficult than the other. You can easily rank for certain keywords within hours of adding content to your site after it gets indexed especially for low-competition and long tail keywords

    But to clarify ranking is simply one method of generating targeted traffic.

    Active backlinking to rank a keyword is generally one of the more time consuming and costly ways to generate traffic. However there are plenty of other ways to generate targeted traffic without actively backlinking.

    Ranking for keyword and actively backlinking for a keyword however are completely different things .

    As I stated earlier you can easily rank on the first page of keywords you have never actively backlinked for especially for long-tail low competitive keywords
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    Surely improving keyword ranking is more difficult and important. If you are able to improve the ranking than you will get more traffic for sure. Ranking is the step to get traffic. In the other hand you can buy traffic which maynot be from quality links, but if your improve keyword ranking than you will get quality link that will be good for you site
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    I think ranking is more difficult. It requires time and efforts to get better ranking on SERP.
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      Yes, I also agree to that ranking is more difficult than traffic because by generating ranking automatically your traffic will be increase
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  • SEO helps you to frequently achieve and boost strategic ranking in search results for those keywords that are relevant for your business or product, so that your contents are made effortlessly accessible by users. In particular, we can use digital marketing blog and keyword research, which is aimed at making the good website: in fact, based on the keyword, the search engines use to decide which results to show and how to order them. Optimizing for search engines means optimizing your website.

    1. Analysis of the online market need for traffic and requiring of the ideal aggregation and mapping ways for web pages regarding planned keywords.

    2. Definition and guidelines of the most effective and impressive strategies to enhance the number, variety and level of quality of back links to a website known as link building activities.
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    Ranking is a lot more difficult than getting traffic. Of course, getting traffic is no easy pickle either, especially if you can't or don't want to invest in paid traffic.
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    Both are important for a website traffic and keyword ranking. these traffic to improve the sales and if keyword ranks, your traffic also improve.
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    Used May SEO strategy and getting improving keyword ranking and traffic.
    of courses Warrior Forum threads. here
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