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hello there,

I am kiara jones. i'm new to this forum. I absolutely adore and admire the intriguing and unique feature of this forum and I wish I could find lots of interesting things here!!

Right now my concern is what is the complete procedure for link building. if someone help with this i will be thankful.

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    Link building is simple, its all a numbers game. Either you can use alot of low quality links or you can use alot of high quality ones. Most people choose to go with the later however both are useful.

    Mix the two together and you will be ranking before you know it

    For all intensive purposes its always best to test specific strategies. Every niche is unique and no one will be able to definitively tell you exactly how many links of what quality you will need etc. Test Test Test
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    There are tons of methods of backlinking and there is no one set method that will be here to stay permanently due to continuously changing search engine algorithms so you have to keep up with the updates.

    Currently the latest and most successful method of backlinking is known as "tiered" backlinking. In which your main site (also known as your money site) is at the top of the tier, and is linked by 2-3 other tiers of web properties.

    Tier 1- Your Main site

    Tier 2 (These All point to your main site)- Web 2.0's with High Domain Authority , High Pr Manual Backlinks, Social Bookmarks

    Tier 3 (These point to your Web 2.0's)- 1000's of low level blog comments, forum profiles, wikis, and social bookmarks

    This varies of course but this is the basic structure

    In case you don't know web 2.0's are sites which allow the user to add their own content and maintain it themselves as though there are their own websites.

    These include sites like Tumblr, blogspot, blog.com, weebly, pinterest.
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    First of all you need to what is link building. Link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn increasing the likelihood of the website ranking highly in search engine results. Link building is also a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness.
    There are different types of link building.
    Editorial link
    Resource link
    Acquired link
    Reciprocal link
    Forum signature linking
    Blog comments
    Blog comments
    Social bookmarking
    https://www.rankleads.com/ Fresh Web Design and SEO Leads for Sale.
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    There are many ways of creating backlinks to your website:

    Comments in blogs. These won't give you SEO value, but they may direct some traffic to your site if your ideas are good enough and you can add value to a blog post.

    On Directories. Beeds a previous research to know if a particular directory is actually providing value to a site or not.

    Signatures and posts in forums. Find forums where signatures can include follow links preferably. Make sure your signature is not spammy and the keywords used as anchor text are natural (use your brand or an URL). Posts won't give you SEO value, but, as blog comments, they can direct traffic if they are relevant, informative and add value to them.

    Help webmaster to find broken links and suggest your site as a replacement. Of course, you have to find broken links where your content is pertinent. Using Wayback Machine may be useful to check the content of that disappeared page.

    Automatic link building. There's a big debate about its benefits but there're many companies using it. It can help you find quality "follow" links that otherwise wouldn't be accessible for you. Risks of penalties are minimal if your backlink profile is balanced.

    Social networks: Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Google + (pages and groups), Facebook (pages and groups)... there are many places you can deliver a relevant and useful link that somebody else may use later on their sites.

    SEO consultant at www.automaticbacklinks.com

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    There are several types of link building paid and free ones.
    Forum signatures
    Text links
    guest posting
    Social bookmarking and many more methods to generate backlinks.
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    Submit your links in Local Business Directories sites list, Social Bookmarking sites, Blog Commenting, Post Unique Content in blog, web2.0 sites and many more...
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    We do White Hat SEO link-building to get our website ranking for permanent.
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    Here is a Creating Link-building way.

    Social Bookmarking link
    Classified link
    Article link
    Google + link
    Locals Directory link
    Content Marketing link
    Image Sharing link
    Q/A Links link
    EDU Link
    Web Ping link
    Press Release link
    Forums link
    Blog Comments link
    SE Submission link
    Info-Graph link
    Business Review link
    Document Sharing link
    Profile Links
    Video Links
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    I'd focus on content still. That would be the key to today's online marketing.
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    Social Bookmarking Submission
    Classified Submission
    Article Submission
    Locals Directory Submission
    EDU Submission
    Press Release Submission
    Forums Submission
    Blog Comments link
    Search Engine Submission
    Info-Graph Submission

    That is good way of good off page optimization.
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    I think you already got your answer about link building. There have a tools for searching those site like blog, directory, articles submission and more. You can check this free link building tools for easily search those website.

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    Link building is really nearby building consciousness. By using below process you can increase ranking in search engines.
    1. Blog Posting
    2. Web2.0 creation
    3. Image Backlink
    4. Social Bokmarking
    5. Press Release Submission
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