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Hi Guys,

So far i have done seo for many niches successfully, but i have never done seo for Forex Brokers niche, My client's site provide real time financial news and best leverage trading . So i want expert advice from you guys that what seo techniques should i focus on to get the keywords to high positions and to get relevant traffic for the site..

Thank you guys in advance
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    There is no real difference in terms of strategy.

    The same way you would generate traffic for one market is the same way you would for the other.

    1)Video Marketing
    2)Forum Marketing
    3)Social Media Marketing
    4)Slideshow & Document Sharing Sites
    5)Web 2.0's -Tumblr,Wordpress,Pinterest
    6)Social Bookmarking Sites
    7)Article Marketing
    8)Press Release Sites
    9)Image Sharing Sites
    10) SEO -Ranking for low competitive long tail keywords
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    There's allot of competition in the Forex niche, but it's still rankable. Don't let people here suggest you different keyphrases, go use the Google Keyword Planner to find good relevant keyphrases you can start targeting. Then, just use some of the tactics provided in the post above!
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    pm your client url to check .. forex trading niche is High competitive niche so it needs a lot of money and time to come up in search engines
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    Most investors loose money trading forex (95%), so you can imagine that you have 2 type of users: the one that didn't loose money yet and search for specific content.
    and the majority of the users that lost money and are looking for content that will help them loose less or stop loosing.
    keywords such as "forex" "forex trading", online forex etc... very generic and competitive will take you a while to rank for. You should therefore take the "content" route and differentiate yourself.
    Also, one thing to pay attention to in this industry is the fact that it's highly regulated and therefore, brokers will block certain users from signing up if they come from certain countries. So technically, you really need to be 100% geared so you can present the relevant offers/brokers, to the relevant users/countries. It's hard enough to rank for those keywords so every click counts.


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    For already established forex site. I would say focus on content marketing and lead generation.
    content to build traffic and interest on your pages
    Lead generation pages to collect email from readers of your content.

    2-3 articles a day
    Spin the article and generate 100-150 unique content depending on your skills.
    Spread your spun articles across multiple sites.

    Together with quinng123 strategy.
    Add info graphics and video content for each article, attach a YouTube link for better bounce rate.
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      I guess that's kind of a late reply, but perhaps would be useful for someone who finds this thread at google.

      The folks above me have stated some useful stuff and such activities would def help.
      I've been to FX for some 4 years and I gotta say it is quite a competitive industry. Such KWs as Forex broker, Online currency trading and so on should be given up at first.

      As I understood, your client is a broker. I'd suggest to go for FX strategy related content, there are quite many pages that explain the strategies, but most of them are pretty old, so you could outrank them. Also, lots of people are searching for such content.

      Also, focus on the forums. Not developing your own, but having an established presence in already popular forums. (FF, t2w etc).

      Hope that helps.
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