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Which is batter SEO or PPC?
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      depends on a few factors. How much is the average PPC spend in the market you are looking at? How much competition is there? what is the mark-up on the product or service you are selling?

      According to some on this forum you could be waiting months for the SEO to kick in and get rankings. Can you afford the wait?

      I personally dont think it is a question of which is better? I believe it to be more of a do you need results now kind of thing? Why not use PPC until your SEO kicks in and becomes profitable?
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    SEO is better. I always see SEO as a long-term investment. But when i need to see results fast, I bolt on PPC with my SEO campaigns. I feel like PPC is perfect for faster results, but if you want the long-term investment, go for SEO.
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    SEO and PPC both have their own importance. SEO is a cheaper process than PPC but it takes time to drive better results for your business. Whereas PPC is an expensive process, but it can drive huge traffic to your website in short span of time. So, it totally depends upon the objectives of your business and the budget.
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    It all depends on what kind of website you are running. If you are running a regular site i,e selling product which many other websites selling already then SEO is best but if you think your website will go viral because your website is so unique and cool, people will share it fast and engage fast then PPC is best.
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    1. SEO is a long term process. It will not give immediate results - will take a few months - but the results once they start coming will last longer. If someone promises you immediate results with SEO - know that they are lying. PPC on the other end will be quick and you will start getting leads right away.

    2. SEO will need you to have some technical website knowledge (optimizing web pages, getting backlinks, optimizing content etc.). PPC doesnt need too much technical know-how.

    3. SEO effect is long lasting and you dont pay for every lead as against PPC where you do pay for every lead.

    Net-Net: My recommendation is that you start with a little bit of both. PPC will start getting you immediate leads, while SEO will help you to get in a position a few months down the line where you will not need to do much PPC advertising.

    In terms of what companies that do it good - several. Depends on what your budget is.
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    I'd say, concentrate on SEO as much as you can! Like the post above here says, SEO is for long term results. So don't underestimate it.
    PPC is important too, but mainly just in terms of driving traffic to your website.
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    SEO can give you long time results but PPC till you pay Google. otherwise your ranking is zero.
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    That's like asking would you rather have legs or arms? I would want both. Both are great!

    Although if you have to choose one, people aren't going to agree which is best, as who they are best to various on what you need them for.

    Someone who likes to move around and get outside will choose legs. Someone who likes to use a computer or cook will choose arms.

    I had a client who made a tonne of extra money from half a year of good SEO, yet failed to turn a profit on PPC. I also had a client who only saw a 10% increase from SEO traffic after six months, yet doubled their profit from PPC.

    Which is best depends completely on your business, niche and budget.
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    If you have less budget then first you should try SEO
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    You can't really compare PPC vs SEO, with SEO you will see results after few months of hard work and with PPC you can see results instantly, it depends on lots of factors. Both of them can be good if you know how to use them. I would chose PPC, if you have enough money it can be profitable.

    Best regards,


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      PPC is clearly the better advertising medium. You can see immediate results, test conversions of specific keywords, see if a market exists for a specific product or service, test headlines, etc. And all of this will take a few days to a few weeks to test.

      With SEO, it will likely take months to get the same amount of data.

      Also PPC offers the flexibility to change your marketing quickly that you just cannot find with SEO.

      I would never pick one or the other though. Really, any business should be doing both.
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    Both have its won benefits.. if you do SEO its long term process, and you will get visitors for ever, comparatively less expensive.

    Where us PCC is a short term process, and you will get visitors only for the duration you run the campaign
    PCC are best used when you provide any offer and special discounts, also you have to spend lots for that short duration
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    See the Google trends about SEO and PPC
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    I suggest you to read these two articles. I hope you will get a better idea.
    SEO vs. PPC - Which Provides You the Better Value?
    SEO vs. PPC: Knowing Which Is Right for Your Website
    https://www.rankleads.com/ Fresh Web Design and SEO Leads for Sale.
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    SEO for long time
    PPC until you runs out of the money.
    My suggestion is to go with both in the begining and depend upon only SEO as it will make tons of money for life long.
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    SEO is a long term process but PPC is used for instant marketing. SEO methods gives the best result after a particular duration.
    PPC are used when you provide any special offer.
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    PPC is good for new website to be number one in search engine. and also easy to customize the text, so that it's important. my website ever using PPC and give much benefit. Now, i try to use Search Engine Optimization for some keyword, and the result is not so bad. but need long time to be and of course didn't spend much cost.
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    Use both!

    I would say that it's hard to pick one over the other.

    Too many benefits for both to ignore one of them.
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    Both have there own existence and also depends on the requirements of the organization but according to my experience, SEO is the best because it's provides organic search results against your requested query. PPC is a paid version.
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    Both are best. But for long term and huge investment, you can go for PPC. For short term with lower investment, SEO is better.
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    Let me ask you this question:

    Short term traffic & conversions OR long lasting traffic that will start flowing in slowly and gradually with zero to good amount of conversions?

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