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Which of the two's do you think will generate better traffic? I already submitted some articles to ezine, but want to get some fellow marketer opinion about squidoo in term of traffic generation.

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    I am a strong supporter of squidoo. It is a powerhouse as far as google
    is concerned. That's my opinion only.

    Articles for me has seemed to have really tanked. That is,
    submitting articles to places like ezine. I am an expert
    author, but it seems there are so many articles and writers
    now, it is just one big swamp.

    So, I put original content on squidoo and blogs. Totally
    skipping the ezine route. I am sure you'll get other opinions,
    but this has proven the last couple of months for me anyway.

    On squidoo, use many text modules to break up and highlight
    the article, as well as multiple amazons, add your blog, twitter,
    and voila! (Yes, I know the blog feed and twitter do not show for SEO)

    I have many squidoo lenses that rank high with virtually no publicity.
    As an added bonus, squidoo pays me each month!


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Thanks for the opinion,

      One more question is does text link in squidoo is dofollow link or nofollow link? Can they consider vital in term of SEO and backlink quality?
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    Use both. Use any Web 2.0 property you can where you can leave a link, preferably a followed link, to your site(s) while being within their terms of service.
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      Originally Posted by bgmacaw View Post

      Use both...
      I agree with everything bgmacaw said (3 posts up). And don't give up on article marketing.

      Rather than worry about immediate clicks, use them to get contextual links back to your various sites and web 2 pages (including the Squidoo lenses you create).

      You're an expert author, which gives you a big advantage in SEO. As with most things worth having, take the long view and try to find ways to derive multiple benefits from every marketing activity you engage in.

      66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    Since I try to boost sites up organically - I use EZineArticles. It is "doFollow" and shows up rather quickly in you backlinks. Squidoo is a NF site and I don't mess with it. But again, I only concentrate on organic - so naturally, I will go w/ a "DoFollow" site.

    <a href="">How to Lower Your Water Bill</a>

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      Originally Posted by bigcat1967 View Post

      Squidoo is a NF site
      Incorrect. Links on published lenses in text modules are followed.
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        Yes, links that YOU place in YOUR lenses are certainly dofollow.
        Well, let me say that as far as I know, they are just generic
        links. No do or do not. I am assuming that is what people mean
        by dofollow in this regard. Links you put in guestbooks are nofollow.
        I will almost always link text, or even have a separate text module,
        untilted, at the bottom, with text links.

        The other thing that has been irritating about ezine articles lately
        is that they seem to be getting picky. They limit your keywords,
        and make sure your article title is met by your article. I don't
        like being keyword limited.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    According to my experience Squidoo Lens has more popularity as well as wel known by the community of heavy Traffice also comperitively it comes speedily in google ranking.

    Also the links in Squidoo are dofollow.
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  • Regarding Ezinearticles, the links within the article body are NoFollow. Only the links in the resource box are DoFollow.

    VERY Limited WSO. 100% Guaranteed.

    MY Expertise, YOUR Profit.
    Read the thread.
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      Thanks guys,

      Thanks for all the constructive comments and responses. Yes, I believed that all the link at squidoo is dofollow link, as I already created a lense yesterday, and checked the source code. They are all appear to be dofollow links.

      Thanks again!
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    I am a big squidoo person. I am platinum with ezine and my articles are usually linked to my lens and are usually published in 24 hours. My lens then link to other lens and blogs. They all link together. I don't know who said squidoo does not get organic traffic, because mine do. I have 8 so far and they all make money ( some more thatn others. Some are over 50% organic traffic. Its about your keywords I think and tags, I had tons of tags, tons and tons. I follow a step by step guide over and over. My goal is to create 2 lens weekly. Once I have enough coming in I will get a real site, but for now, this works and pays my bills. I love love squidoo.
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