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Do external traffic sources coming to your website boost your google serps?

What i mean is, if affiliates are sending you traffic from their email list directly to your website, does google interpret this as a good thing and overtime begin to consider your website of higher value than it previously had?
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    The quick answer is yes, the longer answer is it depends and that you need additional sources of traffic.

    The links that go out in your affiliates' emails will show up as the traffic coming from various places around the internet depending on their email reading program and having a diversity of traffic sources is a good thing for your site.

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    I'm not sure - think its a bit of a myth that g give's a boost from 'external' traffic, especially not from e-mail or affiliate referral links, redirects etc. If this was the case it would be even easier to manipulate search results than it already is.
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    Well I would have to disagree with Michael in the sense that email traffic does not boost you in the SERPs. There's no evidence of it but I could be wrong if Google is using behavioral metrics that are not SERP related.

    Behavioral metrics DO matter for sure, especially when you're ranking. Click through rate of the snippet along with bounce rate and engagement can play a part in your overall rankings which lead to a lot of speculation that non-serp related traffic plays a part but there's no real evidence that supports that.

    That being said, whether I'm right, or if I'm wrong doesn't really matter. A sounds marketing strategy for anybody online is to diversify your traffic sources, and if I'm right, it doesn't mean you should avoid doing that whether there is an SEO benefit or not.
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    Probably yes, and it'll be all due to traffic diversity. But if the bounce rate goes high then it may have some adverse effects.
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    I have tried many sources and got around 100-120K unique visitors/day for 2 months period, real people no bots, I watched stats very carefully so no visits 1-10 seconds, mostly couple of minutes and many actions per visitor. So my serps was not changed at all, nothing, there is no influence on serps in my case. Anyway I earned on it a lot of money on affiliate program (: but serps - no changes.
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