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I've had good SERP results with a Weebly site. Another Weebly site has not done as well. The latter, I put a domain on it. I have it set up within Weebly such that is the site name instead of Do you think that matters? Would it do better if, like the first one, it was In other words, by using my own domain name, do I get any bump up for the authority of Weebly?
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    Although it's highly likely your " ranks better and gets a "bump" because it's a subdomain of a high PR platform, basing your definitive findings that it's better to not use your own domain by testing out just 2 websites is inconclusive, at best.

    Search engine algorithms are ever-changing so it would probably take building a few more websites with a and your own domain to reach a better conclusion.
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      Anyone else got any thoughts -- whether to apply my own domain to a Weebly or site or just use, for instance,

      Either way, good copy would be on it, very relevant to the narrow niche, with SEO in mind.


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