Keyword Density Vs Semantic Map

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Hi there warriors

I am working in a new project and I was guessing if keyword density is as important right now as covering the whole semantic tree of our main keywords in our content.

I have been reading about "semantic maps" but haven't applied it yet to a keyword study and would like to know your expert opinions on this subject

Thanks in advanced!
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    Density is a nice word for spam, forget it.

    Focus on relevancy, also research SEO silos.
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    What exactly do you mean by keyword density? If you use too many keywords, not only will your text be difficult to read (or, should I say, annoying, because it's annoying to read the same word over and over again...) but that would also be considered keyword stuffing and it's frowned upon by search engines. So, better stick to writing your text naturally, maybe yeah, focus on covering the whole semantic tree of your keywords, as you put it.
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    After Google many updates now it's clear that you have use low keyword density in content.

    The more accurate results are semantic.
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    Thanks everybody for your answers. I'm just confirming what I thought, but wanted fresh ideas

    Yukon, What do you mean with SEO silos?

    SEO consultant at

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