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Which thinks you like to do for a youtube video search engine optimization. Is there any youtuber or experts about SEO could share about this issue.
Its one of the most important fact of search engine.
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    As far as I can remember from 2012

    -You have a folder than contains your video. The folder's name is your keyword
    -The video name is your keyword
    -In the description of the youtube video it's link first then description (people are more likely to click the link if it's first
    -Include your keyword in the video name upload to youtube, description, and tags
    -If you're creating your video using images, name all the images after your keyword such as keyword-keyword-keyword1 if it's long tail
    -Video should be longer than like 2 minutes or something

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    I think SEO is also very important for video. SEO increases traffic for your video. You can do video distribution, comment posting and also you can do on page optimization too.

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    Put keywords in File name, Title, Description & Tags.
    build links to vdieo url
    get some discussion on video
    make interesting videos so that people see them for linger time
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    Optimize title, description and tags with your main kw and related keywords. You can build some links to it to show in google search.

    Best regards,

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    I attended the REELseo video conference in 2014 and here are the key takeaways that I got:

    Importance of Watch Time: The discover algorithm is optimized for session watch time
    • where viewers go after viewing videos
    • time spent on viewers entire youtube session - you want to make sure users stay w/in youtube even if they aren't watching your videos. Linking to related videos or playlists of your own content or even content that isn't yours will help with youtube search rankings.
    • with youtube you want to have engaging long-form content
    * interesting fact: links in descriptions of videos are nofollow links, but will still generate traffic to your site, landing page, other social assets, etc.

    Regarding Channel Strategy: you want to optimize the channel for non-subscribed viewers who have never heard of you before.
    1. Know the target audience: when they land on the channel we want them to feel "yes, this what I want" or "yes, this is for me"
    2. value proposition - the value you intend to deliver to your audience (ex. Video Creators - is the channel name and let's you know who the target audience is. The tagline "Master the platform, spread your message." - describes the what and the why of the value proposition.)
    3. Channel trailer - should be about 30 seconds and should show, not just tell. Should address the target audience, pitch the value proposition, and mention your intended publishing schedule, then end with a call to action.
    4. Channel sections/playlists: You can use specific tags for easy section creation (ex. #howto)
    5. Channel icon: it shows up in youtube more than any other asset and should be attractive
    6. thumbnails on videos: you need to be a montetized partner on youtube to get the applications to allow for customized thumbnails. But you can choose to monetize a video and then turn it off to get the features. Tell a story with thumbnails. When creating thumbnails avoid top 35 pixels and bottom 75 pixels. *****Derral Eves has great thumbnails on his videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/derraleves, he was also the best presenter by FAR and had a ton of info.
    7. About Page: is the most undervalued asset on youtube. The first two lines are the most important as it shows on hover. You should pitch the value prop in the about description, share your intended publishing schedule, use keywords in normal conversational English, and you should make links a call to action.

    Hope this helps!
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    A good way to build backlinks to your video is to upload it to several other video sites.

    On these sites include your YouTube url in the description, rather than the link to your website. Not only do these authority sites then backlink to your own video, but those who scrape them will include a free backlink for you, too.
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    Adding incoming links to the youtube video.

    So you post to your blog with targeted keywords, and insert your youtube link.

    I think this will work
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    Yes you can do youtube or video promotion for your video. You needs to do proper search engine optimizations and promotion to the video.
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    Nowadays video SEO is dependent on the niche mainly.

    A good test is to see if there is already a video on the front page of google for the keyword you are targeting. If there is, then there is a pretty good chance you can outrank it.

    The key here is to make a BETTER QUALITY video that provides the searcher with more value than the video currently ranking. The G algorithm is really moving more towards quality and increasing user experience as they have always been.

    Of course it also helps to build high quality backlinks, and a few thousand likes and views can really help push the video in the very beginning. If you can get 10k or so views to your HIGH QUALITY video it can really help jumpstart your progress.
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    Youtube is very good, if you combined with goolge trends.

    And some long tail keywords.

    Buying backlinks is good to increase youtube views naturally, is better than buying a package bot view.

    Because the video view you grow naturally
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    Are you still looking for YouTube ranking service expert? contact me over skype we have ranked many of the clients YouTube videos on YT
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