How to build seo backlinks from question answer sites?

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Hello! Everyone
I want to know that How to build seo backlinks from question answer sites?
Please give me answer with question answer sites that can be used to build link.
I am hoping a positive reply from your side
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    i have 10+ sites for Question/answer ,

    simple Search our category then create post relative questions , Q start what, how, when, found, searching etc format. or best option for backlinks give the answer if u know with example or picture.

    Sites are below:


    Yahoo! Answers

    Blurt it

    Anybody Out There




    Ask Me Help Desk

    Answer Bank



    Mahalo Answers


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    I used Quora and Yahoo! Answers for instant traffic
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    @zaidi: that's a good list, but a more complete one can be found here: List of question-and-answer websites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (it's from wikipedia, it may not be complete either..)

    Anyway, the best way, in my opinion, to obtain backlinks is to find questions related to your niche and to answer them! Offer insightful information, be honest and be helpful when you post an answer and, if you have something to link to that may help the person asking the question, then link to your website!
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    You can't build backlinks from question answers sites as they are all no follow and you need to a member 3 level for posting links in them.

    Yahoo answers are great for generating traffic and it offers for a long time.
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    Yes, question/answering sites are also a great way to get back-links. But we have don't need to use these sites for back-links, my meaning to told you that use these site just normally and naturally. So these website can't banned you. Just enjoy these sites.
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    Aren't those links nofollow? Yes, you can get some good targetted visitors unless they choose somebody's answer to be the best, lol!

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    There is one more Q&A website called answeree. One can earn reputation point and money by asking and answering the question. Not only paying for asking and answering the question. If you have blog/website, You can create a custom subcategory of your niche and add an 'Answeree Ask Box' (HTML widget)to your site's sidebar (top) or just below the post. Instead of commenting, readers can ask a question about that particular blog post and that will create a new question in Answeree under your subcategory. For Example, If you Create a sub-category 'myblogname' under main category 'blogs+website', all questions will show in that subcategory and you will get a notification. You or other members of the site can answer the question. That will create a natural backlink to your site and traffic. I tried and its working well for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author hsahadath
    Questions and Answers Site is really effective to increase your authority.
    You can create backlink in Q&A sites. But I suggest you focus on promoting you and your site.
    Especially, questions and answers site is really important for you. The backlink is not an important issue here.
    You can create backlink, just add your link to your related answer.
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    Generating backlinks from Q & A sites such as Quora, Yahoo and forums are not a difficult but maintaining authority is the matter. You can get backlinks from those websites by posting correct and relevant answers to the questions and do not post copy paste answer and spam, it would lead to getting a ban. Once your account got banned, your entire backlinks will go.
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