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Hi there,

I am currently preparing 50 seo articles, each one focusing on a separate long tail keyword. I hope that the articles will help me increase the relevancy of my site for my target keywords and also I hope I get found on the search engines for a few a of them

My question is, where can I put them on my site to give them maximum seo exposure?

Just to explain, I assuming (please let me know if I am wrong) that google would prefer something like

mydomain.com/my-keyword-rich-article.html (as that would only be 1 page deep).

As opposed to mydomain.com/articles/my-keyword-rich-article.html (as that would be 2 pages deep).

Now ideally I would like to put links to these articles at the bottom of my homepage. However if you have a look at my site (check sig) you will see that I already have about 8 links to other articles.

However I understand that it would not be good to add another 50 links at the bottom of my homepage. Is this correct?

Really I am looking to maximise the effectiveness of these articles, so would really appreciate any advise on where to put them.

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    Originally Posted by Gwuido65 View Post

    I am currently preparing 50 seo articles...where can I put them on my site to give them maximum seo exposure?
    I suggest you do the following...
    • Create a page that indexes each of the articles
    • Link to that page from your home page
    • Link to 10 articles directly from the home page
    • Include plenty of unlinked text before or after the actual link. For example: Everything you need to know about lead generation <- note that only the salient keyword phrase is linked
    • Add a link to each article from your sitemap, or create a sitemap if you haven't already. Link to your sitemap from your homepage
    • Get a Google webmaster account (if you haven't already), create a Google sitemap (an XML document - follow Google's guidelines), and link to each of your web pages from there, including the 50 articles
    • Link directly to some of these documents from within the text of other pages on your site
    Are the articles worth reading in and of themselves? If they are, then you can probably pick up external inbound links. You should also head out and set up some of these yourself.

    Another strategy would be to set up a subdomain site with 50 pages (these being your documents). Then link to each of the sub pages from your home page via navigation.

    It may also be a good idea to add 2 documents per day over a 25 day period, rather than roll them all out at once.

    66 ways to get links (and traffic) to your site.

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    Thanks a lot for this, really appreciate it.
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