Million Dollar Qstn : Single topic or Multi Topic ?

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Million Dollar Qstn : Single topic or Multi Topic ?

I have only one website and i have to maintain multi topics in one . I don't have enough budget to maintain more than one blog.

My Question is : Does it effect you SEO being Multi-topic blog ?

Then thought of shifting topics to sub-domain.


If i do, my rankings will lost.

Should I continue multi ? Suggestions please.
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    Yeah just put all topics on on site and build an authority site.

    There's no reason to put different topics on subdomains imo. Jut make your site user-friendly and organised and yoou'll be fine.
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    Might have been a good idea to ask that question before you built your site.

    Google ranks pages, not websites.
    News sites do rather well... and you cannot get any more diverse than Wikipedia.
    Just keep your content tightly categorized.

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    My advice is target a single niche per each site.

    Traffic searching for shoes doesn't care about lawnmowers.
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    yes, if you do every thing on one website, then, i think its more effective and after well optimization, you ranked well.
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    Depends on the multi-topics. If they are closely related then keep them on the same site. If they are very far apart then create a site for each of them. From what I'm hearing you'll probably have more success if you focus on a single site. Larger sites with multi-topics do rank well but it take much longer and much more effort in my experience.
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    Completely depends on what you are talking about.

    For instance, Yukon is perfectly right in his example. If I'm searching for craft beers I won't have interest in yarn or knitting patterns.

    However, if the topics are super closely related, then that's fine. Examples being Car wax and tire polish. They are different topics but would work well together. Or shoe polish and shoe conditioners.

    Mind you I'm using very niche'y examples but none the less, that's the kind of niched interests that might be shared.
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      Am I the only one that builds websites based on what I know,
      am a semi-expert, can do more research, and willing and able
      to nurture it to perfection with a passion?

      Or do you all just use the "Cliff Warner" system?

      "I'm not a doctor, lawyer, dentist, mechanic, electronic engineer,....
      but I play one on the internet."


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

      Do everything on one site, but separate things by topic area the way that Wikipedia and the Huffington Post do.
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