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Please don't answer this if you don't know or have no experience with it. Thanks in advance.

I have a site that I made about computer monitors, let's say it's

I want to start a new site, and have essentially a "category" on the new site.

let's assume that ranks really highly for some high traffic keywords and I don't want to lose that traffic.

In fact, I want to use it to get off the ground.

See, the problem with EMD is when it actually takes off and you find a winner you're stuck not being able to expand without it seeming really cheesy.

So my question - Is there anyway to redirect the traffic so I don't lose the SEO value, NOT violate any google policies because the site does run adsense, and basically have my cake and eat it too?

And before you say it, yes I have a list, yes I will use it to launch the site, but it's a small fraction of the daily traffic the site receives.

Does this make sense to anyone? Going on very little sleep.

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    You could do a 301 redirect and put all of the content on the micro site on the new site. I wouldn't use that approach though.

    I would recreate the entire microsite on the new site (of course 100% original content) but do it a little better this time since you have the opportunity to take another crack at it. Then try to get a lot of the same backlinks as before and rank for both.

    Once a site is up and has traffic I like to leave it in place. Someone else might have another option but that's the route I would take for myself. The good news is you're getting traffic to the site so capitalize on that. I wouldn't disrupt the traffic if it is making you money.

    What's better than ranking one site in Google for a keyword? You guessed it! Ranking two sites in Google for a keyword.
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      Yeah, This site only has about 75 pages, many of which are less than stellar. I think I like the approach of just trying to out rank the old site.

      Not sure why I didn't think of that!

      Nothing to see here

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        This sort of thing is exactly why I have been telling people to abandon the tiny niche website business model. When one of them hits and is a success, you really limit your potential for growth. You can still target the same keywords, but you do it within a category of a bigger site.

        I'm glad you shared this and hope others see the same thing.

        Really, I think you have 3 options with this. I have used all 3 before and never had an issue with any of them.

        1) You build the new site and create new content for this particular category. Then try to rank both. In this way, you take up more SERP real estate. That would be what I would do.

        2) You move all the content on the original site to the new site and 301 redirect each individual page to the corresponding new page. You might see a temporary drop in rankings as Google sorts out what you did, but will likely keep almost identical rankings in the long run.

        3) You blend the sites together. You build the sites with identical layouts, headers, nav menu, etc. The only thing is that when people select menu options on the new site that pertain to your old site, they are taken to that old site. They would probably never even notice. It is a little bit more odd of a solution and really depends on the specifics of your site, but it can work just as well.
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          I would not redirect. I'd have both sites go for the same keyword. The broader site will also go for other keywords.

          That way, you can end up with 4 spots on page 1, 2 from each site. Maybe even more, for less competitive keywords.

          Competing against yourself is not bad, if you're winning.
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    Why not do the obvious & have links on the EMD pointing at a computer monitor page of the root keyword domain (

    Why are you even considering a redirect? Doesn't make sense to me.
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      MikeFriedman is right, and I have heard from a senior blogger that when you rank for some keywords, those keywords become your assets.

      Now all you need to do; build a new site and new content in same Niche and use those keywords which are already ranking your posts/pages in the search engines.
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