How to increase keywords ranking in bing?

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How to increase keywords ranking in bing?
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    Submit your website and sitemap to bing webmaster tools and write quality keyword targeted articles, that's it.
    Check your website worth -
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      1. It is important that you choose right keyword and sprinkle related word in your content appropriately. To find appropriate keyword you can try Alternative to Google Keyword Planner for Bing | Tejji
      2. As per my observations Bing like more than 300 words content. This should help
      3. See what your competitors are doing esp., the one that are ranking higher in Bing
      4. If you manage to get higher on Bing then as bonus you may end up ranking higher in Yahoo too as both of them are having similar links displayed on search results
      5. As mentioned above submit your sitemap to Bing
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    The most important thing is to understand which keywords are the most important for ranking. Try using the keyword tool from Google adwords and building high quality links.
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    For bing ranking, You need to put keywords on Home page instead of inner pages. Bing give ranking more on home page.
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    Its not that you need to do different things for Bing search result, as like other search result just concentrate on quality & unique content, social media, backlink, on-page SEO etc..
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    Originally Posted by the furbox View Post

    How to increase keywords ranking in bing?
    Unlike Google they care about the numbers.
    Blast them high if you don't give a sh** about the big "G".
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    Firstly, add bing sitemap to your website will help you a lot.
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    The best way to increase ranking in bing is to add meta keywords in your website. Try to check search results in bing of your competitors that what they did to attain good search engines rankings.

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    The same as Google. Build backlinks. Concentrate on Google, you will also have a good ranking in Bing!

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