Market Saturation: How Much Opportunity is left in English based SEO?

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I understand that it's not that simple, but if you had to put a % to it, what would you say?
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    Originally Posted by CraigMC View Post

    I understand that it's not that simple, but if you had to put a % to it, what would you say?
    It doesn't make any sense since the goal post is constantly moving.
    • Businesses start up & go bankrupt every single day.
    • Some niches are seasonal.
    • Some clients get pissed off & look for a new SEO.
    • Some businesses expand.
    • The list goes on...
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    It also doesn't make any sense because
    • this kind of questimate would be completely inaccurate for most niches and situations
    • your personal skills, resources, products, contacts, content, and competition define your opportunity
    • this kind of data isn't directly available (AFAIK), and would be relative.

    But if you want a random number straight out of my stetson: 66.6%. It's got nice religious undertones and numerological quantities, so it's easier to spin elaborate conspiracy theories around it. Nice!
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    Like others have said, this topic is really way to broad to put a percentage on. I don't think any niche is really over-saturated because you can always take things one or two levels deeper.
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    IIRC, something 40% of search terms are new every year. That means that 40% of the searches of 2014 never occurred before.

    There is always new opportunity.
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