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by zkalt
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Hello everyone, I am having some difficulties figuring out how to track my affiliate links when using a PHP redirect. I am currently running a successful adwords campaign using a landing page for a clickbank product. My problem, however, is tracking those links.

I have a clickbank TI and a google tracking ID attached to my links inside the PHP script but only my hop name is recorded when a sale is made. I am running ads on both google and yahoo, but I have no way of knowing which keywords or services (google or yahoo) are converting. I've been extremely profitable that last 3 days but I am doing myself a disservice by not tracking my conversions.

I want to figure this out asap so I can optimize the campaign and scale it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pretty sure if you want conversion tracking on ClickBank products, the vendor has to add at least a snippet of code to their thank you / download page.
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      For now, I really just need to know where sales are coming from (ie google or yahoo). When I was direct linking before I had a clickbank Tracking ID and a google tracking Id attached to the link and everything worked just fine. I saw my conversions in my adwords account and I saw my unique clickbank ID in my clickbank transaction summary which told me where sells are coming from.

      If I can simply track google sales vs yahoo sales for now I'll be happy. I feel like I'm flying blind!

      Appreciate the response, by the way.
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